As we enter a time of year synonymous with delicious snacks, I’d love to offer some thoughts on how to keep on track with your fitness.

Cuz lezbe real, for those seeking fitness greatness, the holiday season can be a challenge. 

How do we balance our desire to feel like a million bucks against the seasonal yearnings for delicious baked goods and other assorted snacks?

Gentle reader, fear not, your stalwart MF is here to guide you as ever!

Make Health-Centric Choices When Not Explicitly Celebrating 

Sometimes I shall indeed enjoy some holiday cookies. And if it’s in your heart, so should you! 

But since you know this is going to be the case, a great strategy is to dial in your food choices when you can. In other words, if I’m making breakfast by myself during the week, I’m going to eat my usual healthy shit. I don’t want to start my morning with bagels every single morning for five weeks. 

It’s obviously up to you how best to plan your life. But a good rule of thumb is when you’re not having a seasonal holiday event, that’s a great time to eat healthful, nourishing, and hopefully still yummy food that will make you feel great and support your fitness goals.


Plan (and Enjoy!) Your Indulgences 

Listen… it’s the holidays. It’s time to celebrate some shit! And lest you get it twisted, it’s ok to use food as a form of enjoyment and connecting with loved ones. 

Holidays are powerful because humans need ritual. And for most of us, certain holiday treats are a part of that ritual. Food isn’t JUST calories or fuel. Food has qualitative elements that connect us with our family, community, culture, and tradition. 

So long as I live, pierogies will always remind me of my grandma and grandpa. And while I won’t eat them every day, you betta belieeeeeve I’m gonna enjoy them when I do. And while it’s not wrong to occasionally have some spontaneous snacks, it’s a lovely thing to enjoy them in a conscious and intentional fashion. Make ‘em count!

Get In Your Workouts 

Long time readers know MFF’s credo, “You can’t out-train your diet.” And while it’s true that robust health and hotness is largely a function of what we eat, it’s also true that consistent exercise is always going to be a good choice. Sure, you’ll burn some extra calories. But you’ll also make your heart healthier, improve your sleep, brighten up your mood, make your bones denser, and do all sorts of other magical things.

Since the issue is often time management, consider scheduling your workouts a week or two in advance so you can bob and weave around holiday plans. Does this time of year wreak bloody havoc on your well-intentioned weekday evening plans? Consider leaning more heavily on morning and/or weekend workouts.

Create Accountability

You know what’s real easy

Bailing on a silent commitment to yourself that no one else knows about and for which you have zero accountability.

Humans are social creatures. Accountability to other humans is a powerful form of leverage in following through on your commitments. This can be as simple as having classes or training sessions scheduled in advance. It can mean working with a coach who will check in with you. It can even be a public declaration to a supportive community to create some psychological momentum. No matter how you slice it, best not to chart these seasonal waters on your lonesome.

Itchin’ for some MFF-style accountability?

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Have F*cking Fun! 

Last but not least, remember, none of us are long for this world.

Seasonal rituals are one of the most magical parts of being a human. Particularly after the strange two years we’ve all had, you deserve to live a lil’. 

Sure, get in your workouts and eat some salads. You won’t be happy with yourself if you go completely off the train tracks. Feeling out-of-control with your fitness has a negative impact on your body, brain, and feelings.

But at the same time, it’s my deepest hope that you find some time to connect with loved ones, enjoy (or create!) some traditions, and for the love of all that’s holy, eat some delicious cookies.


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