How to Follow Through Like Never Before

by Guest Ninja Beth Wittig

We’ve all been there, seriously gung-ho about losing weight, getting into our ideal bodies, feeling light and hot and free from all the body shame. For a short stretch of time, we are on fire. Then, life happens, overwhelm ensues, motivation wanes and before we know it, we are ten pounds heavier than when we started eating an entire bag of chocolate covered pretzels, downing a bottle of wine, and then crying to the Gods, ”How did this happen?!?!”

Starting is easy. It’s exciting. It’s fun. Who knows what could happen?! It is the follow-through that can prove not only challenging, but downright insurmountable, which leaves us in a constant holding pattern, grabbing for the next quick fix, wondering “Will this work for ME?”

I know I have some seriously creative people reading, so I’m going to draw an analogy. When you are working on a creative project you are excited about, it’s not just about the big reveal, right? It is about the self-discovery, the setbacks, trial and tribulations, the blood, sweat and tears that all culminate in something beautiful that you helped to create. Oftentimes the worst valleys are followed by a steep elevation in understanding and the project starts to pick up speed.

Think about a health project in the same way.

So, now that we have accepted that weight-loss or a similar health project will be gloriously IMperfect, I have a formula to share that will aid in the actual follow-through part.

I got this baby from an amazing woman named Marie Forleo. She is part business strategist, part marketing maven and part spiritual ass-kicker with a side of hip-hop swagger. I have employed her Follow-Through formula not only for my business, but for my clients in their health projects.

So, first decide and get REAL with what you are wanting to accomplish and the time frame in which you are going to accomplish it. What is the goal and what is your WHY?

Now, follow this formula to set the conditions for inevitable success:

1) If it ain’t scheduled, it ain’t real. (TWEET THAT SHIT!) It is human nature to procrastinate, so we must create the space and schedule the moving parts of our projects so we are accountable to them. Any old calendar will do, but I find Google calendar best because you can sync multiple calendars on your smart phone, share it with your partner (so they know not to schedule you). So, if you are trying to create the space to cook more (key for weight-loss), schedule when you are going to the grocery store, when you are prepping food for the week, self-care time and when you are moving that bod of yours. If you leave big chunks of time unaccounted for, activities tend to slip away and BS starts to take up the time and we say “screw it.”

2) Inner chaos creates outer chaos. (TWEET THAT SHIT!) If your mind is filled up with fears, anxieties, all the things you SHOULD be doing, the constantly running to-do list, it creates outer chaos because you can’t successfully focus on one task at a time without all the mind-buzz and chatter. Get it out. Write down all your fears and anxieties on paper (ex. I’m afraid I will succeed and gain the weight back). Say them out loud and release them because they are only there to keep you playing it safe and comfortable. Write down all the things you SHOULD be doing. Cross out anything that isn’t directly related to your priorities at that moment, which by the way, should be no more than 3 or 4. Make a decision to put all the currently irrelevant mind-chatter/to do’s/shoulds in a magical bubble and give yourself permission to blow that bastard away.

3) Clear the Clutter. We can’t create something out of nothing. We need to create the space for it in our lives, which may take some rearranging. It may take some growing some balls and asking for what you need.  So, ask yourself, “Is there anything in my life right now that I can see standing in the way of this goal?” If the answer is time, it may mean asking your boss if you can actually take that lunch hour, or asking your partner to help with the laundry so you can take that yoga class on Thursdays. Make a list of all the possible obstacles and start getting real with what can go or how you can support your own choice.

4) Hop on the No Train. Stand in your empowerment and start getting comfortable utilizing NO a lot more often. You are allowed to decline invitations to events if they don’t fall in your priorities right now or you don’t really want to go. You are allowed to say NO to your aunt’s garlic bread or rhubarb pie (especially if you don’t really like them anyway). Just as you are allowed to say NO to spending your money on an expensive baby-shower gift when you need it to take yoga classes around the corner.

5) Social Accountability. Make your goals known. If you tell the world you are trying to lose weight, or deal with your sugar addiction, or clear up your skin for good, I get that it can feel super vulnerable. Plus, you run the risk of failing in front of them. I know because when I told the world I was becoming a health-coach, I was terrified I would fail big time and everyone would laugh at me. If I listened, I may never have achieved a full practice and a job I love on my own terms.

By telling people around you what you are doing and why, you are also investing in yourself and holding yourself accountable in a new way you can then go to them for support, and you are saying, “I believe I can do this.”

If you feel like you could use some help with creating your goals, and showing up for yourself in a way you never have before, that is exactly what I do.

It all starts by scheduling your Breakthrough Session to see if we are a good fit together. Email me at to schedule your session today.

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