Fruits and Veggies are Totally Bitchin’

Eat more fruits and veggies.  DO IT!

It’s so easy to do this time of year.  There’s plenty of awesome, delicious, fresh fruits and veggies awaiting your tongue (er…).  The reality is if you’re eating non-processed healthful foods, one of the best ways to prevent boredom and mix it up is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.  Some quick tips!

1) Make smoothies- you’d be surprised how much nutritional love you can fit in a smoothie.  I think for most folks a small smoothie maker (like a Magic Bullet or the Hamilton Blender) is a must have.  And don’t be afraid to throw some veggies in there!  Frozen kale has a very mild taste so I even love tossing it in my fruit based smoothies for the icy texture it provides.

2) Don’t be afraid of frozen fruits and veggies- yes, in a perfect world you’d always eat fresh fruits and veggies.  That said, when fruits and veggies are properly frozen while at their peak of freshness, they maintain their super-powerful, nutritional awesomeness.  Remember, don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good!

3) Try random-ass fruits and veggies- particularly for those of us who live in NYC, we have access to an absurd varitey.  Don’t be afraid to expand your culinary horizons and try some exotic variations.  You never know when you’ll find a new fave!

With the 4th of July coming up, perhaps you could make a rad fruit salad for whatever event you’re attending!  I swear to you “healthy” and “boring” are not synonomous.  If you’re one of those people who liiiiiives for food, the whole chicken- and- broccoli- for- every- meal thing isn’t gonna fly.

Life is short.  Eat a kumkwat.


The filthiest name for a fruit.

Just sounds diiiirty, you know?

“Eating a kumkwat” totally sounds dirty.


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