Stick it in Our Box: Ninja Suggestions

It’s that time again! The sexy Siren here to give voice to all your amazing suggestions. Here we go:

“I need to leave a ticket / book / sex toy for my Ninja-friend. Can I leave it at the desk for them to pick up later?”

  • Head’s up! If you need to leave an item of any kind for another Ninja, you may store it in a combination locker and let your Ninja-friend know the locker number and combination. The item should be picked up on the same day, otherwise, we’ll place it in the Lost & Found.

“I can’t book a semi-private this month because they’re all full. What’s up with that?”

  • We heard you, so we added additional semi-private slots for the month of May earlier this week. And of course, June availability goes live today, so be sure to check out the schedule ASAP to nab your sessions!

“I left my water bottle in the Clubhouse / Snatchery. Is there a Lost & Found?”

  • Yes! Ask the Front Desk for details. MFF’s Lost & Found is donated to the Hell’s Kitchen Street Fair the first Saturday of each month. Any item with a name on it will be kept an additional month and the owner will be notified if possible by email.


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