Beds: Not Just For Sexy Time

Shortest Blog Post Ever:

If you want to be healthy and hot, you’ve got to make sleep a priority.  Get seven hours AT LEAST, and preferably eight or even nine, particularly while trying to put on muscle or burn body fat.

Ok, I’ll expound a teeeeeeeny bit.

While you’re asleep, a number of important things happen.  Furthermore, many studies have suggested a lack of sleep does a number of negative things to your pursuit of health and hotness (decreased testosterone, an increase in cortisol (a stress hormone), a greater tendency to be overweight or obese, etc.).  And while there is some debate as to how much variety there is in individual sleep needs, in the interest of keeping it simple for my homeboyz and homegirlz (MAD STREET CRED ALERT), let’s just focus on how to maximize sleep quality, shall we?

This is a picture of a kitten sleeping

1) Do your best to get into a consisent sleep rhythym and stick with it.  I hear over and over via anecdote that an hour before midnight is worth two after (so sleep from 11 to 6 feels like sleeping 8 hours).  Regardless, being consistent in your sleep schedule will help your body get into a groove and start to expect Bedtime for Bonzo at the appropriate time.

2) Make sure your sleeping environment is condusive to sleep.  I personally like to feel like I’m in a cave/ womb.  Make sure your curtains block out the light so the room is as pitch black as possible.  Consider using white noise if you live in a noisy area (NYers, I’m talking to you).  Try to make sure your room is a comfortable temperature for sleeping.  Invest in good sleeping accessories (good mattress, sheets, pillows, etc.).

3) Start to unwind an hour before bed.  Remember, we’re shooting for 7 to 9 hours of SLEEP, not 2 to 3 hours in your bed surfing Facebook and 5 to 6 hours of sleep.  If you want to get 8 hours, maybe get in bed 9 hours before you have to be up and read a book.  Many experts recommend keeping your bed just for sleeping and not doing work there, so you may want to use your prebed time to read something relaxing (or boring as hell).

4) Meditating before bed can be a GREAT choice to calm your mind and body.  I often have clients do breath work before bed, and recently I’ve gotten into the habit of doing long, gentle static stretching of my hamstrings and hip flexors before bed.

5) If you’re sensitive to stimulants, you may want to cut your caffeine intake a long ways out before bed.  This one is pretty individual, but it’s worth considering if you still have a hard time sleeping.

Well there ya go kids.  Some practical tips to get some better sleep.  If you’re serious about getting your health and hotness on, make sure you’re serious about making sleep a priority!


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