Am I Perfect Now?

Deep thoughts by Michael Keeler, MFF Business Wizard/Life Coach


Let’s get something out of the way from the start — you are perfect. There, I said it. Yes, YOU!  You are perfect today, just the way you are. Don’t believe it yet? Let me convince you…

At MFF we truly believe that every Ninja is PERFECT. It’s true. You are exactly where you should be. In fact, you could not be anywhere else. All of your choices and experiences have led you to this place, at this time. Everything – your job, your friends, your clothes, your bank account – all perfect! Everyone you know is also f#cking perfect. They too are exactly where they need to be; a representation of their collective choices, experiences, and circumstances. Each of us is on a unique and valuable journey that is unlike any other in the world. #truth

Maybe you’re thinking…“That sounds like some hippie bullSH*#! Some people are just messed up. My life doesn’t feel perfect at all.”

Okay, let’s unpack this idea a little more… Thinking other people are kind of messed up is totally normal. We see everyone around us through a filter and make judgments about what we see. That filter has been created over years of experiences, and those judgments help us reinforce what we believe. In many cases our unique perspective is valuable in helping us to be creative and stand out in a crowd. For example, artists make their living by interpreting the world through their unique lens. Artists expand our perspective and stretch our imagination. Yay art!

On the flip side (perhaps more often), our unique perspective can be a lens that prevents us from seeing the world as it truly is. Like blinders on a horse, we can only see in one direction. “This is good, that is bad.” We all do it every day. We make judgments constantly without really thinking about it. It has become easier to believe that everyone is broken and nearly impossible to believe that everyone is perfect. At best we concede, “that was perfect, but…” – at worst we convince ourselves “that will never be perfect.” We create elaborate judgments to avoid accepting and embracing others and ourselves.

What if I told you there was another way?

What if we didn’t see other people as “broken”? What if we saw them as already perfect? What if we saw ourselves as complete? How would that affect your friendships and relationships? What else would change?

To be completely judgment free — what would that look like?


I propose a 7-DAY CHALLENGE »>

Try this.Keep a judgment journal for one week. You can do it on your phone, or on an actual piece of paper (that flat stuff that is made from trees, remember?). Take note of every single judgment you make — “She looks like a mess doing those kettlebell swings.” “He can’t be straight, he’s in Kinky Boots.” Just write them all down. At the end of 7 days, read them. Then decide for yourself if those judgments are serving you or holding you back from seeing the Truth. Are they making the world around you more accessible or less?

Once you decide, you will be able to make your judgments out of choice, not out of habit. Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll start to believe you’re perfect.


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