MFF Ninja Summer Camp

Get In Awesome Shape And Still Enjoy Your Summer

July 8 – August 4 and
August 5 – September 1
at Mark Fisher Fitness

You’re not gonna believe what we’ve cooked up for you this summer…


Now that our world-famous Snatched in Six Weeks transformation program is in its NINTH sold-out year, we’ve learned some things about how to take care of our beloved Ninjas. And specifically, we’ve learned about the challenges the summer months bring. See if this sounds familiar…

  • Do you find it tough to balance your training with your summer travel schedule?
  • Do you struggle with how to eat for your fitness goals but also enjoy barbecue, margaritas, and ice cream cones?
  • Do you like the idea of an immersive program with nutrition coaching, but feel daunted by committing for six full weeks?

We feel you. We’ve been hearing these challenges for years. It’s always hard to balance fitness with the rest of our life, and summer can be particularly tough. After listening to your feedback, we’ve curated a newly updated 4-week fitness adventure designed for optimal summer fitness glory.


July 8 – August 4 and
August 5 – September 1
At Mark FIsher Fitness

That’s right, Ninjas! We’ve made our unicorn fitness adventures bite-size so you can fit it into your summer schedule.

In our newly sexified four-week long MFF Ninja Summer Camp, we’ll help you:

  • Burn fat, build muscle, and get fit with three Snatched-style kettlebell classes per week
  • Eat properly for your goals while still enjoying #summersnacks with weekly individualized check-ins
  • Receive even more support at Food for Thought: Campfire Conversations, a special one-hour nutrition discussion group held the first week of camp 
  • Get 24/7 support from our world-famous MFF coaches and fellow Ninjas in the private MFF Ninja Summer Camp FB group
  • Track your progress with a complimentary set of Progress Pictures (for all campers) and one free set of 2 InBody scans (for campers who pitch their tent in July and August)
  • Enjoy the summer and make time for drunken skinny dipping without shitting the bed on your fitness goals

CLass Times

All classes take place in The Snatchery at MFF Hell’s Kitchen unless otherwise noted.

July 8 – August 4

MWF 6:30 AM


MWTh 8:30 AM*

MWTh 11:30 AM*

MWF 6:30 PM


TTh 6:30 PM / Sat 10:30 AM

New Weekend-Friendly Schedule!*

August 5 – September 1

MWF 6:30 AM

MWF 7:30 AM

MWTh 8:30 AM*

MWTh 11:30 AM*

MWF 6:30 PM


MWF 9:30 AM (MFF Bowery)

New Weekend-Friendly Schedule!*

Early Bird Rate – 2 Payments of $299

Sign up for July or August MFF Ninja Summer Camp by Sunday, June 23

Full PRice – 2 payments 0f $329

Sign up for July or August MFF Ninja Summer Camp after Sunday, June 23

summer sexpot special – 3 payments 0f $332

Sign up for both July and August MFF Ninja Summer Camps by Friday, July 5


Check Out These Ninja Badasses

Benim Before and After photo
“I’m in my late 40s, and I look and feel better than I did in my 30s! I never dreamed that would be possible. Thank you, Mark Fisher Fitness, for a happier and healthier me!”

– Benim, Super Ninja

Danielle Before and After photo
“I never thought that I could feel so emotionally and physically fulfilled from a gym. I am forever grateful for this program, not only for the pounds shed or for the confidence built, but for the openness.”

– Danielle, Super Ninja

Aaron Before and After photo
“I found that rather than brooding over the body I don’t have, I can put in the effort to get the body that I want.”

– Aaron, Super Ninja

Carol Before and After photo
“So far I have lost 14 lbs. and so many inches, but I feel like my health and hotness journey has just started. I started from a place of scarcity and have moved towards abundance!”

– Carol, Super Ninja

The Summer of Sexiness

The summer months can and SHOULD be a time of living your life, enjoying being outside, and generally being appreciative of being alive.

But that does NOT mean we need to throw away all your hard work on your fitness goals!

And with MFF Ninja Summer Camp, the MFF team and your fellow Ninjas will be with you every step of the way.

We’ll train hard and play hard.

We’ll show you how to eat well most of the time but not deprive yourself.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone brand new to MFF participate in MFF Ninja Summer Camp?

Yes! Newbies are welcome and this is a great way to get a taste of the unicorn magic. 🙂 We’ll just ask you to take our one-hour Ninja Baptism intro workshop before diving into MFF Ninja Summer Camp so you’re familiar with our verbiage and approach to movement technique. Safety first!

Can you tell me more about the nutrition component?

The nutrition coaching for MFF Ninja Summer Camp is the Spectacular Snack Sycling Super System™; this approach to nutrition helps you make great nutritional choices, and still enjoy your favorite summertime snacks. Additionally, Snatched alumni who prefer to do Type A or Type B are welcome to choose that option if it’s your preference. All participants will receive access to weekly individualized email check-ins as well as unlimited support in our private Facebook group.

What happens to my regular membership if I’m already a member?

We’ll give you a complementary freeze! (Unless you want to keep it open for whatever reason. Just let us know when you register)

Can I add on semi-privates?

Yep! We’ll be offering some packs of SP love to accompany the classes.

Can I switch classes?

Totally. We like to keep things flexible. You can switch up to four times into other MFF Ninja Summer Camp classes within your program dates as your summer schedule demands.


If you’re looking for a personalized, high-touch approach with extreme accountability, consider pairing Ninja Summer Camp with Unicorn Nutrition Coaching.

If you’ve never done Snatched before and think you’ll want more education or intensive coaching on nutrition, UNC is the way to go. Find more details HERE.

The Sexy Fine Print

MFF Ninja Summer Camp runs in two separate four-week cycles, July 8 – August 4 and August 5 – September 1. Each cycle is two payments of $329 + tax. If you submit your registration form for either cycle by 11:59 PM on Sunday, June 23, it’s two payments of $299 + tax. The first payment is a deposit due at registration and is always non-refundable and non-transferable. The second payment is due on July 1 (for July campers) or July 29 (for August campers).

If you submit your registration form for both cycles by 11:59 PM on Friday, July 5, your price is reduced to three payments of $332 + tax. In this case, your first payment will be processed upon registration followed by payments on July 1 and July 29.

A cancellation of the second and third payments is available if a request to cancel is submitted before the payments are processed due to an injury or significant life event. In the case of injury, a doctor’s note is requested.

All registrations will be processed in the order in which they are received. After you submit your registration form, you must also create a user account on MINDBODY and/or confirm that your credit card info is up-to-date on that platform. After that, we’ll send you an email confirmation of your participation.

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