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Wanted: 30 Human Persons Ready to Take Charge of Their Fitness

Announcing MFF’s Brand New 14-Day At-Home Fitness Challenge

Participants will get:

  • A complimentary Strategy Session to help you make a personalized plan
  • 12 virtual class credits to be taken from a schedule of 50+ classes per week for maximum flexibility (for current class times, click here)
  • MFF’s brand new mini-email course on the Four Pillars of Fitness, including help with nutrition
  • Coaching on the REAL science of creating sustainable behavior change
  • A whole bunch of friendly-a$$ people who will support you every step of the way

If you take this 14-day challenge, you can expect:

  • Genuine pride in taking consistent action on your self-care goals
  • Clearer focus for your personal and professional goals
  • Massively improved motivation and confidence
  • Higher energy levels and mood. All. Day. Long
  • A stronger body and immune system
  • A healthy outlet to manage stress

NOTE: We only have room for a limited number of people per week because we want to keep quality high and not overload our existing community.

Click the link below and claim your spot today.

Let’s Do This!

6 Reasons HomeBody Is The Perfect At-Home Fitness Option

HomeBody is perfect for all levels, advanced and brand spankin’ new.

At Mark Fisher Fitness, our mantra is “run your own race.” You’ll find both exercise options AND emotional support for you to have the best workout for you; one that sufficiently challenges you but does NOT leave you crumpled on the floor and so sore you can’t move the next day.

HomeBody allows for privacy and is ideal for shy people.

Feeling a bit shy about jumping in with strangers? Nervous about having an MFF trainer watch you workout? No problem! While we do think it’s best to have your camera on so we can coach you, we totally get that it can be nerve-wracking. So you DO have the option of keeping your camera off and enjoying some anonymity while you get comfortable. (Can’t do that in a gym!)

HomeBody makes the tech easy.

For those that are daunted by the tech requirements, we promise you, it’s easier than you might think. Simply click the link and you’ll get a few easy prompts to run the streaming software. BAM! Next thing you know you’ll be watching a real live MFF trainer giving you good fitness lovin’ through your computer, tablet, or phone.

HomeBody gives you the accountability and structure of having set-time classes.

Sure, you still get access to on-demand replays, which is an amazing resource. So you’ll be able to work out anytime you want. But for those who want some structure in your life…. We gotchoo!

HomeBody is effective training that gets results.

Remember, the second half of our tagline is “Serious Fitness.” The classes are designed by one of the best in the biz, MFF’s own, Amanda Wheeler. During the classes, the coaches actually give you feedback while training, you know you’ll get a workout that WORKS. If you’re going to take the time to workout, you might as well use that time as well as possible and actually get in the best shape of your life.

HomeBody allows you to plug into the broader MFF community.

While nothing can replace being in person, there’s something special about training alongside other humans; especially friendly and kind ones! When you sign up for HomeBody, you’re not just getting workouts, you’re getting a group of caring and engaged humans that are all looking to support, encourage, and celebrate each other. The private HomeBody FB group will provide you oodles of Netflix recommendations, fast answers to any fitness questions, and of course, many sassy GIFs.


Claim Your 14-Day Challenge Today!

This offer is available only to Ninjas who have never taken HomeBody or Snatched at Home before. Limit one (1) 14-Day Challenge per Ninja. Availability is limited and capped per week.

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