Hey There, Ninja!

We’re thrilled to be able to bring the MFF Clubhouse to you virtually with online fitness services like HomeBody and Snatched at Home and we want to help get you equipped to continue on your health and hotness journey at home.

Please note, by using the below links to make your purchase, MFF will receive a small commission from Perform Better, our preferred fitness equipment retailer.

We love Perform Better and recommend you work with them regardless, but we want to be transparent that you’ll be supporting MFF by using the links below!

The Brand Spankin’ Newbie

If you are brand-new to working with weights and/or kettlebells we recommend you get:

The Dabbler

If you have had dabbled with kettlebells or weight lifting, we suggest the following products and weight ranges:

The Minimalist

If you’re an experienced lifter and you prefer to have less stuff around, we recommend this at-home set-up:

The Iron Packer

If you’re an experienced lifter and you don’t mind heavy-ass shit taking up some space at home, we recommend this set-up:

other Sh*t You May Want

Other home goodies to consider picking up:

Save $50 on a MyZone MZ-3 Heart Rate Monitor

The MZ-3 MyZone Heart Rate Monitor allows you to view your physical activity data on your smartphone via bluetooth or on-screen at a MyZone enabled club using ANT+ technology.

Click here to Save $50. Note: using this link to buy helps MFF as we receive a small commission.