Meet the Trainers


Ninja Master, Co-CEO, “The Franchise”
MFF Hell’s Kitchen / MFF Bowery

Hometown: Barnegat, NJ

Spirit Animal: Brian Patrick Murphy

Fitness Cred: NASM-CPT, FMS, HKC, KFC

Favorite Thing About MFF: People pursuing personal excellence via kindness, discipline, and silliness.

Quick FIT TIP: Do shit you like! There are lots of ways to be healthy and hot. Find something you genuinely enjoy, because it’s the only thing you’ll do sustainably.


Ninja Trainer, Snatched Director, Master of the Universe
MFF Hell’s Kitchen

Hometown: Hamilton, OH

Spirit Animal: Flamingo! Pink and they stand in passé!

Fitness Credentials: AFAA Group Fitness

Favorite Thing About MFF: Who doesn’t want to walk out the doors feeling like superhero and where else is YAAAAS, showtunes, and twerking a regular thing!?!?!

Quick FIT TIP: Plan, plan, plan….and most importantly HAVE FUN!

harold gibbons

Ninja Trainer, The Steward of Strength
MFF Hell’s Kitchen

Hometown: Oceanside, NY

Spirit Animal: Oooh, a Thestral from Harry Potter. Or Shadowfax from Lord of the Rings? Or possibly a grizzly bear, if we’re being realistic.

Fitness Credentials: B.S., CSCS, NSCA-CPT, WGAF-TNTP

Favorite Thing About MFF: MFF is the meta safe space. We create opportunity for growth for each and every Ninja and Team member, and the personal development that we each practice each day helps each and every one of us grow as people while nailing our fitness goals. Best life for sure!

Quick FIT TIP: All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

geoff hemingway

Ninja Trainer, Class Experience Manager, Mr. Wonderful
MFF Hell’s Kitchen

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Spirit Animal: A handsome sea otter

Fitness Credentials: NASM CPT, SFG Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor, CFSC, TRX

Favorite Thing About MFF: The community. New York is a tough city, and I love we have a group of like minded individuals, who meet in the center of the city and practice strength. We hold each other up when we are down, and we cheer each other on as we grow.

Quick FIT TIP: Find something active you love to do, and do it EVERY DAY.

staci Jackson

Ninja Trainer, Duchess of Nutrition
MFF Hell’s Kitchen

Hometown: Clearwater, FL

Spirit Animal: A mermaid

Fitness Credentials: FMS I & II, HKC, NASM, and ACE Group Fitness.

Favorite Thing About MFF: I LOVE that MFF is a tribe, a supportive community of incredible people that are actively creating their best life day by day by exploring what it means to be authentic, vulnerable, playful and strong all while getting 1% better.

Quick FIT TIP: Find joy in the whole process; embrace the baby steps, the triumphs, and the mistakes because they are all part of getting 1% better while on the journey of creating your health and hotness.

Tim landicho

Ninja Trainer, The Party Animal
MFF Hell’s Kitchen / MFF Bowery

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Spirit Animal: Panda. I love to eat. I love to sleep. Repeat. (The inflatable T-Rex meme is a very close second choice.)

Fitness Credentials: CSCS, CES

Quick FitTip: Consistency > Intensity. Doing something (anything, really, to inch you towards your health and hotness goals) beats doing nothing at all when you can’t achieve “perfect.” Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Sustainability is king.

Favorite Thing About MFF: The commitment to making this a place and community where anyone and everyone can find a seat at the cool kids’ table.

kyle Langworthy

Ninja Trainer, Training Experience Manager, The Beast
MFF Hell’s Kitchen

Hometown: Garner, NC

Spirit Animal: Batman

Fitness Credentials: CSCS, FRC-ms, CES, PES, HKC, KBC. Currently pursuing a PRT through the Postural Restoration Institute.

Favorite Thing About MFF: The tribe, the Ninja Army, the spirit of the greatest community of people in the world!

Quick FIT TIP: Your mind is your greatest asset for change. Change it, change your world.

rog Law

Ninja Trainer, Hugasaurus Flex
MFF Bowery

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Spirit Animal: Nancy Newell

Fitness Credentials: NSCA – CSCS

Quick FitTip: Do something today – no matter how small – that your future self would be proud of. Focus on just the tip and, before you know it, the whole thing is in.

Favorite Thing About MFF: The infectious positive attitude


michael Littig

Ninja Trainer, Jesus of Unicorpia
MFF Hell’s Kitchen

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Spirit Animal: Anthony Bourdain

Fitness Credentials: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, HKC, FMS, and a Fulbright Scholar

Favorite Thing About MFF: MFF is more than a gym, it’s a Grand Unicorn Experiment. It’s a genuine brother/sisterhood where we challenge each other to be better humans, change the world, and defy gravity together. <cue epic Wicked music>

Quick FIT TIP: Just show up. Stop over thinking everything and just show up. Just show up and it will be worth it.

laura MÅrtensson

Ninja Trainer, The Kettle Belle
MFF Hell’s Kitchen

Hometown: Watertown, NY

Spirit Animal: Gazelle

Fitness Credentials: NASM, SFG, CFSC, Animal Flow

Favorite Thing About MFF: The incredible community. The Ninja Army!

Quick FIT TIP: Show up and have fun!

brian Patrick Murphy

Ninja Trainer, Sales Manager, The Minister of Belief
MFF Hell’s Kitchen

Hometown: Marion, IL / Oxford, MS

Spirit Animal: I AM a Labrador puppy dog

Fitness Credentials: SFG

Favorite Thing About MFF: The community. The tribe. The humans that look into each others eyes and see each other.

Quick FIT TIP: Show up. Every single other thing comes after showing up.


Ninja Trainer, Twerk Team Captain
MFF Bowery

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Spirit Animal: Trina the Baddest

Fitness Credentials: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Favorite Thing About MFF: My favorite thing about MFF is the dedication the Ninjas have to the community!

Quick FIT TIP: Give 100% of what you can every day! And twerking is an acceptable and preferred form of cardio.


Ninja Trainer, The Original Scissor Sister of Strength
MFF Bowery

Hometown: North Branch, MI

Spirit Animal: War dog

Fitness Credentials: C.S.C.S.

Favorite Thing About MFF: The community.

Quick FIT TIP: Small habits compound exponentially over time. Doing the little things, consistently, will put you on the path to your healthiest and hottest self.

steph wilberding

Ninja Trainer, Show Choir Captain
MFF Hell’s Kitchen

Hometown: Piqua, Ohio

Spirit Animal: Brian Patrick Murphy

Fitness Credentials: ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC)

Favorite Thing About MFF: The Ninjas. The End. #micdrop

Quick FIT TIP: Sleep. Always show your curves. Eat green things.

alanna bradley

Guest Ninja Trainer
MFF Hell’s Kitchen

Hometown: Matawan, NJ

Spirit Animal: Llama

Fitness Credentials: B.S. Exercise Science, NCSF CPT, FMS L1, Precision Nutrition L1 Certified Pre/Post-Natal, Animal Flow L1, Barefoot Training Specialist, Progressive Body Weight Training

Quick FitTip: Listen to your body. It is a wicked good coach!

Favorite Thing About MFF: It’s a big ol’ Petri dish for ideas, passion, and community!


Guest Ninja Trainer, Fury
MFF Hell’s Kitchen

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Spirit Animal: Godzilla

Fitness Credentials: Master RKC Instructor, Master DVRT Instructor, Original Strength Lead Instructor, CK-FMS, CICS, ACE.

Favorite Thing About MFF: No one gives a shit like we do.

Quick Fit Tip: Consistency wins!

matt wilson

Guest Ninja Trainer, Legit Clown
MFF Hell’s Kitchen

Hometown: Gypsy Nomad

Spirit Animal: Patch Adams

Fitness Credentials: [Letters go here.]Favorite Thing About MFF: I think unicorns are glorious, mystical creatures, and everyone should reach out and touch one.

Quick FIT TIP: Life change starts with intention, but results come from actions—maintainable, sustainable actions, and it all starts when you walk through the door.

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