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3 Step Process To Fitness Greatness with MFF

Step 1: Claim An Intro Offer

Sign up for one of our no-risk HomeBody or Training Intro Offers.

Step 2: Strategy Session

Book a virtual Strategy Session so we can create the exact plan for your goals and preferences.

Step 3: Start Training

Start training with MFF and make all your fitness dreams come true.

MFF makEs ACHIEVING HEALTH & HOTNESS fun and inclusive

We get it. Fitness isn’t always fun. Gyms can be intimidating, New Yorkers are busy as hell, and training hard can seem daunting.

That’s why MFF is about making fitness as enjoyable as possible. Because our trainers are a bunch of super-nerds, we know how to get results quickly and safely.

We work with all kinds of people looking to get “healthy and hot” (including many who’ve never belonged to a gym). We’re all about getting you results AND we’re committed to being a fitness home that you actually love.

Yep. We don’t love gyms either. That’s why we created an Enchanted Ninja Clubhouse of Glory and Dreams. Why be a gym member, when you can be a Ninja?


Undeniable Results

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Sometimes you just need to show up and that's enough. When you surround yourself with the right group of people, anything is possible! Jamie
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I’m through letting people grade my performance with a B. F*ck them. I’m the only person giving the grades around here. And I nailed this shit. I got an A+. David
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