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I pushed myself every single day at MFF - Ninja Preston

I joined Snatched to support [my friend] JP and [my lady] Liz. I pushed myself every single day at MFF and away to help push JP and to show Liz just how much it means to me to succeed at this. I wanted to show her that giving this my all and making real tangible differences in my life was not only important to my body and my future health, but important to me because it’s important to her. This was the best way I knew how to show her how much she means to me. And to JP, I seemingly barely know him and yet I think he’s one of the greatest men and fathers I have ever met, and I see myself in him. Or what I want to be as a person.

And to the team, I thought this was just a mission to help Liz and JP, but they seemingly wouldn’t go away, haha. I expected them to give up on me, only they kept pushing harder. Make better choices with your diet. Specifically to Michael Keeler. Keep pushing the ones you love, and don’t be afraid to ask them and yourself the hard questions that make you uncomfortable.

I don’t care if I look any better physically. I don’t care what these damn before and after pictures say. Honestly I’m afraid to see them. I just hope JP and Liz know how much I appreciate them because honestly this is the best way I know to show how. And thank you to Michael for genuinely caring about me. Or at least pretending, ha. And to Steph, and Geoff, and Ilana, and Mark, and Brian, Lisa, Chris and Ilana and Katrina for asking me how I am, and seemingly really caring about the answer. I want to be more like each and every one of you.

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