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This is magical. - Ninja Bridget

All my life, I’ve been extremely self conscious about my shape. I’m someone who doesn’t wear shorts or short skirts. I’ve always hated my knees. My thighs. And my ass? It makes it impossible to buy pants off the rack without having them altered. Therefore: My shape must be wrong. Other. Inappropriate.

The biggest lesson that I’ve learned during these six weeks (and I’m tearing up typing this) is that my full ass is powerful. Sexy. Strong.

I spent a lot of time looking at other ninjas and their photos during Snatched. And I caught myself NOT JUDGING them for having pear shapes. For having bodies like my mother. My sister. Myself.

This is magical.

I still have a shitton of weight to lose. Where I am now is not healthy and I don’t feel attractive or castable.

But the fact that I am aiming for MY healthiest body (with, let’s face it, a full ass) is an immeasurable improvement in my FUCKING LIFE.

So thank you for that.

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