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I finally look on the outside the way I feel on the inside. - Ninja Alexander

The day after the Snatched Wrap Party will be my one-year wedding anniversary. The day of my wedding, I weighed almost 270 lbs. and was at the heaviest I’d ever been. Soon after, I started working out in earnest – going to the gym, meeting with a trainer, and working my ass off. While I did lose weight, I felt like my efforts weren’t matching the results.
Then in October, I moved to New York and my husband did Snatched. Almost immediately, I started to see his obvious progress and I quickly knew that this was the program I needed.
From my first workouts at Mark Fisher Fitness, I felt like it all made sense. It was more than just lifting heavy shit. It was form, movement, attitude, community. The unsung heroes of health and hotness. The secret is you have to want to be there. And I wanted to be at this glorious, not-a-gym gym.
Yes, I’ve dropped a lot of weight. Yes, I’ve lost a lot of inches. Yes, I’ve become a beast with a kettlebell. But I’ve also laughed, pondered, stopped a purse snatching, made incredible friends, and found a community of kooky badasses! Yes, I’ve been groped, spanked, cuddled, encouraged, hugged, and high-fived. All of which I know has contributed to the fucking hot body I now own.
For the first time in my life, I truly own my body. I have earned it. Snatched has not just caused me to lose weight. It has taught me that I am in control. My best features aren’t just genetics; they are merely a beginning. And I now have the tools to shape my own self.
I look at my wedding photos from a year ago and while I recognize the smile and joy I felt on that amazing day, the body I see looks like that of a stranger. I finally look on the outside the way I feel on the inside. Since the wedding I’ve lost about 43 lbs. and unknown amounts of inches. But I’ve gained insight and confidence in my ability, willpower and body. I feel like I’ve built a home I can now live in.

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