Ninja Love

Once you've tasted the golden nugget of protein-packed knowledge, along with the community of Ninjas and trainers raising you up, you can't help but fall down the rabbit-hole of glory.

Stephanie Sine-Wilson, Ninja

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MFF Newsflash

Summer Lovin' Promo Packs On Sale Through July 17 Only!

The sun is setting soon on the season of Summer Lovin’ Promo Packs at MFF! Through July 17 only, take advantage of these specially priced morsels of glory to get even sexier at the MFF Ninja Clubhouse through the rest of the doggy-style days of summer.

FREE Classes in Hudson Park!

Join Amanda Wheeler at Hudson Park for a 1-hour fitness party! Classes are FREE and held each Saturday at 9:00 am through July 9. Optional $10 suggested donation benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

Want to train with us online?

Want to be a Ninja but don't live in NYC? Or are you an existing Ninja who wants even more fitness glory? Join our online community and MFF will be magically transported right into your living room (or hotel room, or bedroom #winkwink). For less than $15 per month you get streaming HD Workouts, nutrition coaching, a private online forum, and more! Join now. Space is limited.