Why Aren’t I Losing Weight Even Though I’m Working Out?

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This is a VERY common question. Many people spend hours at the gym for weeks and see little to no results. Before they come to MFF, many of our Broadway Ninjas are working out AND doing 8 shows a week and still not seeing improvements. It’s a real bummer to do all that work and not see any progress.

In fact, scientists have shown that if you work hard at something for a long period of time without succeeding, you may even develop what’s called “learned helplessness.” This means you think that no matter what you do, you’ll never be able to achieve your fitness goals.

Take heart, dear reader!

If you’re not getting the desired results, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. It just means you haven’t yet found the right strategy.

Particularly when the goal is fat loss, the simple fact is you can’t out train your diet. No matter how Herculean your effort in the gym, if you’re not eating right for your goals, you won’t see the results you’re looking for.

This is one of the most important things I can share with anyone pursuing health and hotness, so let me say that a few more times…

You can’t out train your diet. You can’t out train your diet. You can’t out train your diet.

While the research isn’t totally clear on how many calories we burn in a workout, the most credible studies suggest around 600 calories for an hour of tough training. While it may be a little more or a little less, consider that a bagel with cream cheese will offset any calories burnt in a tough hour of training. Eek!

While the specifics of how to eat for fat loss are bit beyond the scope of today’s post, I can tell you that if you’ve been training hard for weeks and aren’t seeing any fat loss, there’s likely an issue with your food intake!

For some general guidelines, prioritize getting a serving of protein and some vegetables with each meal and keep your processed carbs and sugars to a minimum.

Remember, if you’re not seeing the results you want, there’s nothing wrong with you. It just means you need to change your strategies!

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