What Should I Do If I HATE The Gym?

Please enjoy the sixth in a new article series from the Franchise himself currently running as a blog on Broadwayworld.com.

For many people (including yours truly), traditional gym culture isn’t exactly a natural fit.

I’d wager to say a large percentage of Mark Fisher Fitness’s success is because we’ve created a gym for people who hate gyms. In fact, that’s why you’ll rarely hear us call our home “a gym.” The word “Clubhouse” feels like a much better term for the atmosphere at MFF.

Now let’s say training at MFF isn’t an option. Or perhaps you prefer your fitness adventures to be less unicorn-y.

When looking at fitness options, it’s absolutely crucial to keep in mind what you actually like doing. (Incidentally, the same can be said for building your diet around foods you like, instead of foods you think you “should” eat.)

This may require spending some time really shopping around options and trying out a few different gyms or fitness studios. Don’t settle for the first one you stop into. Most gyms and studios will allow you either a free or discounted trial to try out their services and see if it feels like the right match for your personal preferences.

Convenience matters for most people, so you’ll also need to balance this against logistics; a gym you can barely afford or that is way off your normal beaten track could allow you to easily make this an excuse to stop going.

Additionally, you can certainly consider at home options like membership sites or DVDs (like MyBroadwayBody.com). For some people this is a great solution because it’s affordable and convenient. But even here, you have to know yourself. Some people actually do better when they have a space to go to, and a more expensive investment can actually be a powerful incentive to stay on the path.

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding what works for you. The fitness industry is exploding, and most of us now have lots of options to consider when looking for help with our fitness goals. Feel free to date around before you put a ring on it, and prioritize what you actually like instead of what you think “should” do!

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