Comprehensive, Customized Online Nutrition Coaching
Powered by Mark Fisher Fitness

Comprehensive, Customized Online Nutrition Coaching Powered by Mark Fisher Fitness

Next Cohort Begins: July 1, 2019

Next Cohort Begins:
July 1, 2019


Looking to head into the summer ACTUALLY proud of how you’re eating without feeling deprived?

Ready for an approach to nutrition coaching that’s completely customized based on your goals, your preferences, and your life?

Do you want access to a 24/7 nutrition coach to support you with expertise, accountability, and kindness?

If so, keep reading. 😀


It’s no secret that nutrition is a big part of the health and hotness puzzle. Furthermore, it’s a “damn sticky widget.” Different approaches work better or worse for different people in different seasons of their life.

But make no mistake…


That means whether you’re looking to lose 10 lbs, tone up your shoulders, or feel full of energy all day long, you have to eat properly for your goals.

And here’s the thing…

The best way for YOU to eat will depend largely on your personal situation; your lifestyle, your goals, your psychology, and the foods you genuinely like to eat.

We’re very proud of MFF’s track record to date. Both Snatched in Six Weeks and Nutrition for Ninjas have helped many Ninjas make major progress on their relationship with food. Beyond fitness results, we’ve seen no shortage of life-changing mental and emotional transformations.

But we’re also the first to admit that the above options aren’t the right fit for everyone. For years, Ninjas have been asking for another solution. You’ve asked for:

  • MORE high-touch support
  • MORE personalization
  • MORE accountability
  • LONGER than six weeks, but LESS of a commitment than twelve months

After spending the last year speaking with Ninjas, discussing with our team, and continuing our relentless studies of the industry at large, we designed something to take those wishes into account.


We are proud to offer Unicorn Nutrition Coaching, a new approach to nutrition coaching that allows us to completely customize our approach to your goals, preferences, and lifestyle.

And by popular demand, we’ve added an optional weekly in-person component for UNC Ninjas that want the chance to meet in-person with a like-minded community of Ninjas.

Simply put, Unicorn Nutrition Coaching provides unique, customized nutrition solutions for unique unicorns like YOU.

Participating Ninjas will get access to:

  • Unlimited Q&A support on whatever platform you prefer (email, text messaging, Whats App, carrier pigeon, etc.)
  • Up to 30 minutes per month of phone call, FaceTime, or Skype coaching
  • Completely personalized nutrition recommendations based on a thorough analysis of goals, diet history, nutrition education, and personal preferences
  • Weekly Check-Ins to keep you accountable
  • Complimentary access to MFF’s brand new weekly in-person nutrition meet-up, “Food for Thought,” on Saturdays from 3:30 – 4:30 PM at MFF’s HK Clubhouse
  • Private FB Group with your other Unicorn Astronauts
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the program

The next cohort of the program will begin on July 1st and will run until September 30th.

For your first three-month commitment, the investment is $249/mo. Alumni of the program who wish to carry on after their initial three month commitment will also get exclusive access to a discounted $179/mo. rate.

The program will be coached by MFF superstar nutrition coach Britta Whittenberg, and I will personally be involved to oversee every element of the facilitation.

Please note, since many of current Ninjas are continuing on, space is STRICTLY limited. Due to the time commitment required by our coaches, we don’t have unlimited capacity, alas.

Be sure to sign up ASAP if you want to get in on the Unicorn Nutrition Coaching Lovefest!

Got questions? Hit me up!

Much love,


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I plan to take Snatched at some point during the three months?

Remember, Snatched works awesome for most people AND nutrition coaching is already included in the price. There may be value in simply sticking with the plan if that’s your journey. However, if you’re looking for even more customization, higher-touch access and accountability, and a longer coaching process, your coach would simply “take over” the nutrition coaching component of the program.

How much access will I have for support?

UNLIMITED. Seriously. The reality is you’ll only need “emergency” support every once in a while, and that access is part of what you’re paying for. If you need to ping us a text on a Saturday afternoon because you have a question about what to get at brunch, go for it!

How does the billing work?

When registration opens, you’ll pay your deposit of $249 the day you sign up to reserve your spot. Then you’ll be billed your second payment of $249 in 30 days and your final payment of $249 in 60 days.

Alumni of previous rounds have access to an exclusive $179/ mo. rate.

I love the idea of an in-person meet-up. But I can’t make that time work or I don’t live in NYC. Am I still able to participate in Unicorn Nutrition Coaching?

Yes! The new in-person meet-ups are totally optional. Since the UNC is all about personalization, we realize each Ninja will want different things. Some Ninjas prefer to work one-on-one with their coach, while other Ninjas really value facetime with other Ninjas working on their nutrition. Come to as few or as many as you like.

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