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A Comprehensive and Totally Customized Solution
For Nutrition, Training, and Lifestyle Management

…delivered with daily accountability from coaches committed to your success.

A Comprehensive and Totally Customized Solution For Nutrition, Training and Lifestyle Management

…delivered with daily accountability from coaches committed to your success.

Hey there Ninja!

Do you ever find yourself knowing what you should do for your fitness… but just can’t get yourself to take action?

Are you frustrated by constant fitness stops and starts, but not sure how to keep the momentum?

Have you ever found yourself frustrated because you’re not seeing results, but aren’t sure what to change?

You are not alone.

For the last ten years, the Mark Fisher Fitness team has worked with thousands of people just like you. We’ve seen first hand how smart, dedicated humans sometimes struggle to stay consistent with their fitness.

Over and over, many humans launch a new fitness regime full of pluck and vigor… only to slowly lose motivation over time. It’s discouraging, it’s disheartening, and it totally sucks.

But it’s also absolutely normal.

The fact is, staying on top of your training, nutrition, and lifestyle is actually much tougher than it seems.

And after working with over 6000 people, we have a lot of data on what actually works, and where many people get hung up.

Sure, sometimes you’re pursuing the WRONG strategy. Not every exercise program is right for every goal. Different people need different approaches to nutrition. And when we’re talking about lifestyle, one size does NOT fit all.

We have to consider you as an individual:

  • Your background
  • Your goals
  • Your personal preferences
  • Your values
  • How fitness fits into the rest of your life.

And when you get it all right, the pay-off is massive:

  • Noticeably improved mood and confidence
  • Truly “all-day-long” energy and stamina
  • Crisper thinking and mental focus
  • Supercharged immune system
  • A stronger, leaner body

But ultimately, the right strategy is just ONE PART of success.

Once we know WHAT to do, we need to execute consistently.

We’ve seen this over and over again at MFF. It’s also clear in the social science literature on behavior change. There’s one often overlooked piece that will make or break your fitness success.

And let’s be honest, being unsatisfied with your fitness is often the missing piece in really living your best life.

Because your fitness success isn’t just about how many pushups you can do.

Or fitting back into those jeans.

Or toning up your shoulders.

It’s not even about improving your bloodwork, though those are all perfectly great goals.

(And we help people achieve them every single day.)

Success in fitness is about…

  • Living a life that truly lights you up.
  • Showing up in the world as the very best version of yourself.
  • Creating real physical vitality as a platform for what matters most to you.

Sound good?

Hell yeah it does!

So if knowing WHAT to do isn’t always the problem…

WHY is it people don’t succeed at this incredibly important personal goal?


Because they’re trying to go it alone.

They don’t have a coach.

And they don’t have accountability.

Now does everyone need a coach?

Well, let’s put it like this…

Michael Jordan had a coach.

Every great CEO has a coach.

Anyone succeeding at a high level in almost any field has a coach.

When you have a personal fitness coach, they can work with you to show you exactly how to eat for your goals and psychology.

A great fitness coach doesn’t just assign you “workouts.” They look at your overall program: how many sessions per week, what kind of training will get you to your goals, and how it fits into the context of your life.

And while a coach guides strategy (the WHAT), they also provide a powerful force that supercharges your willpower and supports you in staying consistent.


Think about it…

How would your life change if you were full of energy and confidence?

What would it feel like to consistently take action towards your fitness goals?

Can you imagine the changes in your personal and professional life with clearer thinking and an improved mood?

And how nice would it be to have a friendly expert by your side to answer questions, check-in with you daily, and support the hell out of you?

Think of it like having a personal concierge who can advise on every element of your fitness AND keep you accountable.

Now here’s the thing…

We’re very proud of MFF’s track record to date. Both Snatched in Six Weeks and our Unicorn Nutrition Coaching programs have helped many Ninjas make major progress on their relationship with food. And our in-person and virtual training programs have literally helped thousands of people get in the best shape of their lives.

(I mean… not trying to brag over here, but there’s a reason we’ve been covered by virtually every major local and national media outfit. ;-))


Beyond fitness results, we’ve seen no shortage of life-changing mental and emotional transformations.

(Want to see some real live humans talking about MFF? Scroll all the way down to the bottom!)


We’re always looking to up our game…

And as valuable as the above solutions are, they weren’t designed to give you a truly comprehensive and personalized solution.

And they don’t provide the extreme accountability of daily check-ins with a friendly coach ready to give you a kick-in-the-pants at your personally preferred level of pants-kickin’. 🙂

In conversations with Ninjas, the same requests have come up over and over again:

  • MORE coaching on how to put all the pieces of your fitness together
  • MORE high-touch, high frequency support
  • MORE personalization
  • And most of all… MORE accountability

We’ve spent the better part of the last year going back to the drawing board.

After studying the best practices of the most successful coaching programs in the industry…

After collecting even more certifications on everything from nutrition coaching to evidence-based behavior change…

And after months of internal discussion, debates, and fine-tuning…

We are 100% confident that we’ve created the best possible solution for Ninjas who want comprehensive help and extreme accountability.

With Unicorn Accountability Coaching, we will help you create — and sustain — transformational change in your relationship with fitness.

Neat! So what’s actually included?

Here’s exactly what you get:

  • Completely personalized plan based on a thorough analysis of you goals, history, and personal preferences
  • Holistic support and goal setting in all areas of fitness: exercise, nutrition, recovery, and mindset
  • Up to 30 minutes per month of phone call, FaceTime, or Zoom coaching
  • Daily text communication and unlimited access with your coach for extreme accountability
  • Formal Weekly Check-Ins to keep you on track and adjust strategies based on your results
  • 30-Day, Absolutely No-Hassle, 100% Money Back Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the program

That’s right.

We are SO confident that this is the very best coaching we’ve ever offered through MFF that we will GUARANTEE that you will be completely thrilled. And in the unlikely event that you’re not absolutely over-the-moon, we’ll give you a no-hassle, 100% money back refund.

Cool! Who’s runnin’ the show?

The program is being overseen by Mark Fisher and led and facilitated by MFF coaches Britta Whittenberg and Sam Strasfeld.

Britta Whittenberg grew up in St. Petersburg, FL and received a BFA in Acting from Illinois Wesleyan University. This led her on a personal health journey where she developed a strong passion for helping others to advocate for their own health and wellness! She is currently a Fitness and Nutrition Coach at MFF and feels beyond grateful to have found her calling by helping people achieve their healthiest, happiest lives! Her certifications include National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT, Precision Nutrition Level 1, Integrative Institute of Nutrition (in progress) and most recently, the GGS Pre- and Postnatal training. She cannot wait to support the shit out of you!

Sam Strasfeld originally called a really cold and flat land his home (aka Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada). After spending some time performing on stage (in Canada, London’s West End, and on Broadway) he discovered an Enchanted Ninja Clubhouse of Glory and Dreams and got SERIOUS about fitness. Truth is, he was serious about it the whole time because how else do you spend two decades doing 8 shows a week, 50 weeks a year? Using the knowledge and habits he developed over this time (as a performer and chef), Sam furthered his studies by becoming certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT, Precision Nutrition Level 1, Russian Kettlebell Certification, Functional Movement Screen, TRX, and most recently the Certified Sleep and Recovery Course. Sam wants to make things as simple and clear as possible to help each human unlock and amplify their inherent power to live their best life!!!

Got it! So what’s the investment for all this accountability lovin’?

The investment to join UAC and get completely personalized coaching and extreme accountability is $99 billed bi-weekly.

And if you’re a current member of Mark Fisher Fitness?

Well… membership has its privileges. 🙂 Active MFF Ninjas get an exclusive VIP discounted rate of $79 billed bi-weekly (20% off).

(Want an even better rate? Save even MORE with our 12 Week Pre-Pay Option.)
If you’re tired of trying to make it happen on your own…

If you’ve been wanting to make real change in your fitness…

If you’re ready to to experience the life-changing power of accountability…

This is your chance.

Please note:

Space is STRICTLY limited and we will only be accepting 30 Ninjas into this program at a time. Due to the time commitment required by our coaches, we don’t have unlimited spots, alas.

Click the button below, claim your spot, and get instant access to your Getting Started Quickstart Guide.

Got questions? Hit me up at [email protected]!

Much love,
Mark and the MFF Team

Frequently Asked Questions

How much access will I have for support?

UNLIMITED. Seriously. The reality is you’ll only need “emergency” support every once in a while, and that access is part of what you’re paying for. If you need to ping us a text on a Saturday afternoon because you have a question about what to get at brunch, go for it!

How does the billing work?

You’ll pay your deposit of $99 the day you sign up to reserve your spot. Your recurring payments of $99 will bill bi-weekly thereafter based on the date you select at sign-up.

Reminder: Ninjas with a membership at MFF have access to an exclusive discount rate of $79 bi-weekly.

(Want an even better rate? Save even MORE with our 12 Week Pre-Pay Option.)

What’s the minimum commitment?

Since it will take some time for you to create change, we ask for an upfront minimum commitment of 12 weeks.

After that you can cancel at any time, though we do ask for 4 weeks notice.

Do I get to choose my coach?

Based on availability… sure! Simply email us with your request upon paying your deposit and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

I love that this program is so comprehensive! Does that mean you’ll design my exercises for me too?

Part of our coaching includes consulting and guidance on the best types (and frequency) of exercise for your goals and personal preferences. If you want a specific program with exactly what to do at home or at your gym, we can also direct you to awesome resources.

I’m intrigued but I’m not sure I’m into this whole thing. I mean… unicorns? C’mon, it’s kind of ridiculous. How can I trust your team is legit?

Fair question.

First of all, remember you have an absolutely no hassle, 100% money back guarantee. So there’s no risk of any kind.

But I hear you!

While we know we’re not for everyone, we also know many Super Ninjas were uncertain at first. So I want to share some stories with you of real live Ninjas, shared in their words…

“I tried every fad diet, every fad workout routine from Barry’s Bootcamp, to Beach Body, to Pilates, to Hut Yoga, to Zumba, to Spin. I’ve done it all, and been really enthusiastic for six to eight weeks, and then like clockwork, I get bored. I hate it. I fall off.

I find at Mark Fisher Fitness, you forget you’re working out until later on that day when all of your muscles burn because you just had the greatest workout of your life.

“And when I took my shirt off to make the costume change, I noticed back muscles and ab muscles and I thought, “Who is this hot guy behind me?” And then I realized that was me, and for a second I actually did not believe it was me and that’s when I knew like, “Something is happening, changes are being made because of the work that I’m putting in.”

“No disrespect. I didn’t think it was real. Sorry… {laughs}

(Now) I work out between three to five times a week and I’m just a better human to be around. I’m more patient, I’m nicer, I’m calmer.”

“Before I came to MFF, my partner worked out here and he worked out here for a while and every day he would come home and he’d say, “You have to come to Mark Fisher.”

And I’d be like, “Absolutely not. That is not my place.” For a year. Maybe more than a year. I’d say, “No way. I’m not going to…”

I always used to say that before Mark Fisher Fitness, I used to think I needed to work out in shame and darkness. And then I came here and I found out that I could work out in light, positivity, and joy.”

“We’re an unassuming couple who have unlocked our superpower potential through the mighty rainbow unicorn magic of Mark Fisher Fitness Homebody.

We’ve been doing Homebody ever since it started, and we’ve done it every day since then. In that time we’ve each lost 27 pounds I think.

Before starting Homebody, I was really nervous, I was a little curious… not completely onboard, you know? I mean, how can we mimic the liveliness of the Clubhouse at home?

And why would I join an “online gym program?” I said “Well, you know, it doesn’t feel like too much of a commitment, it’s two weeks…” And they knocked it out of the park.

And the instructors are amazing.They can look at you and go, “Hey, can you make this adjustment? Can you make this adjustment?” So I feel in a weird way, you get the best of what’s in the gym and it’s so convenient.

And some days you show up just to see the people. And some days you show up just to turn it out and work harder than you ever thought you could work.”

“I joined Mark Fisher Fitness in December of 2019 after an embarrassingly long time paying for a gym that I didn’t go to, which sucked. Actually, you know what? I don’t even think it sucked. It was probably fine. I just had no idea what I was doing. I joined Mark Fisher Fitness and immediately learned so many different amazing things about how to use my body to work out, and it was great.

Whether they are 40 blocks or 100 blocks or 100 miles or even 3000 miles away from you, they can give you individualized adjustments and guidance, and it’s so valuable.

I’ve legitimately done a cheese tasting class via Zoom with people that I’ve never met in real life because it was really fun and because this community of people just wants you everybody to be included.

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