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As many of you know, I’ve recently been teaching some fitness classes in addition to my usual personal training antics.  It’s been an absurd amount of fun and the response has been overwhelming and humbling.  When many of the students in my current class asked if I’d be interested in doing another session straight away… well, I’m not one to turn down people with a passion for the Way of Health and Hotness.

I’m happy to announce the next round of fitness glory begins on February 21st.  If this sounds like a fitness match, shoot me an email and let’s get after it.  If it’s just not your journey, but you know friends who might dig it, kindly forward it on!

Mark Fisher Presents

The Way of Health and Hotness:

a fat burning, ass firming, heart pounding, fitness adventure

WHAT:  Um… a fat burning, ass firming, heart pounding, fitness adventure.  I seriously meant it.

More specifically, it’s 6 weeks of 3 classes a week.  The classes consist of bodyweight, resistance bands, and basic kettlebell exercises designed to safely and effectively torch body fat, improve your conditioning, and make you both healthy and hot.  Although the intensity is high, the workout is designed in such a way that beginners can safely and confidently learn the basics of good movement technique in a fun, supportive environment.  More advanced progressions allow for the uber-fit to still challenge the limits of their inner will to kick ass.

Because I pride myself on SAFETY FIRST, you will benefit from being pushed to achieve your goals while a trained, experienced eye makes sure your technique is spot on so you prevent avoidable injuries.  You will leave the class feeling like a million dollars and not beat down with aches and pains.

But don’t take my word for it:

“I’ve always been totally intimidated by exercise due to body issues (translated: Will I be the chunky-monkey in the room?) and because I’ve always been fairly uncoordinated. Mark’s class is the first time I’ve ever looked forward to working out.  His energy and obvious love for a healthier and hotter life through fitness is wickedly addictive and I feel sexier and more positive in just a few sessions than I have in years.  I feel secure pushing my body towards new challenges because Mark’s rabid dog attention to detail lets me know when I’m straying away from the proper form.  When I nail a new exercise, his genuine praise of my success is the best thing ever.  If you’ve always wanted to get in better shape, but have been afraid or unsure how to start, I think now’s the time and Mark’s the place!”

– Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons – Class Member, Ninja

“I’ve seen immediate results since beginning classes with the incredible Mark Fisher.  Mark’s style combines constant encouragement and personal attention within the group setting so you truly get the best of both worlds.   Not only that, his results-based philosophy means you train Smarter not Harder so instead of the normal bootcamp style nausea I leave class feeling energized and powerful.  Basically, Mark Fisher is the bomb and you should sign up for this class Right Now!”

– Ben Sands – Class Member, Super Hero

HOW IS IT DIFFERENT THAN SNATCHED?:  Many of you are familiar with my current group fitness adventure, Snatched in 6 Weeks.   Snatched is an intensive 6 week program that includes nutritional counseling, daily emails, preworkout safety screening, optional discounted add-on personal training sessions, before and after picture contest, etc.  Snatched (which will be reloaded and launching again in April) is designed to make you an expert on what your body needs to look and feel it’s best.  And although I’m still happy to answer burning fitness and nutrition questions, The Way of Health and Hotness is just the class, and accordingly it’s priced much cheaper.  The Way provides an cost-friendly opportunity for Snatched alumni to continue with Fisher Group Training Fun, as well as let those who are considering the April class have a chance to come see what the hubub is all about.

WHEN:  Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays starting February 21st and continuing until the last week in March.  There will be a 530 and a 630 session.

WHERE: Roy Arias Studios in midtown Manhattan (on W. 43rd, just west of 8th Ave.)

HOW MUCH:  350 dollars for 18 classes.   With personal training routinely costing over 100 dollars per session in NYC, the class is priced in such a way as to allow class members to work with an experienced and qualified fitness pro who can help them achieve their goals, WITHOUT breaking the bank.  And YES, this is cheaper than Snatched in 6 Weeks, which is 495 (see explanation above).

AND:  Each class member will receive 50 dollars back for every new class member they refer who signs up.  Refer two class members and now you’re looking at under 14 dollars a class.  Yep.

NOW WHAT?:  Now you can email with any further questions.  Class size is STRICTLY limited to 10 people per class and there’s not a ton of space left since a large number of my current class members want another serving of fitness victory.  Hit me up ASAP!

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