The First Snatched of 2012 Nails the SHIT Out Of It!!!

In our latest installment of Snatched glory (and the very first in our Ninja Clubhouse), the Snatcheders brought it.  HARD.  By all accounts, this round set the bar higher than ever and we saw the most spectacular and consistent results we’ve had to date!  But as we all know, only one Ninja Warrior can be the winner of the grand prize in our Before and After Picture Contest; the winner receives all their money back (and this shit ain’t cheap) AND a headshot session with Ninja Photograher Matthew Murphy to record their newfound health and hotness for posterity.

Epic congrats to this round’s winner…


“I started Snatched because my wife wanted me to do it, so I gave it a shot. I ended up loving it! It wasn’t until I started to see changes in my body that I told myself “Wow, it really works!” I never felt pressure to push for more than I was comfortable with, but at the same time Mark and Brian were so inspirational with their workout commentary that I was able to go further than I thought I could. … In class [Mark and Brian] had me in a Zen-like trance, giving everything that I thought I didn’t have. … Six weeks later, I’m pounding kettlebells like poontang on prom night and loving every minute of it!”

– Morgan Lamarre

Morgan, we salute you for your commitment fitness excellence!!  Woohoo!

Although the next round of Snatched is already sold out, we encourage you to get cracking on your goals by checking out our other membership options.  Since MFF members get priority booking, there’s no better way to ensure you’ll be able to get in on the magic just in time for summer.  If you’ve been considering riding the MFF rainbow to the best physique of your life, consider this your call to action!!  We’ll see you at the Clubhouse when we hold you in our arms and nurture you to victory.  LET’S FUCKING DO THIS!


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