Owen's Story


Fitness is a journey that goes on and on and at MFF you'll find a roomful of the greatest travel companions every time.

- Owen

What was your biggest fear or concern before starting at MFF?

My biggest fear before walking into MFF was that the whole thing would turn out to be a scam and I’d have wasted my money and leave disappointed.

I was feeling very lost about nutrition and how to balance that with working out in order to look the way I wanted to look and feel the way I wanted to feel. I had heard there was a six-week program at this new boutique gym called Mark Fisher Fitness that could help. But could it? I was skeptical.

And if it didn’t hold the answers, where would I go from there? Was feeling discouraged better than feeling defeated?


How did you overcome that fear to take the plunge and become a Ninja?

I figured it was worth it to try it out, because nothing would change if I kept on the same course. Six more weeks would pass and I’d be on the same path of gaining weight and feeling bad. I didn’t want that.

If changing my behavior for six weeks could help me, even for just those six weeks, it was worth it to take that chance. Luckily, my journey with MFF has lasted much longer that that and made a lasting change in my life.


What was your biggest fitness struggle and how did MFF help you overcome it?

My biggest struggle comes back to self-worth. Maybe I won’t ever have the tools and the knowledge to truly succeed. Maybe I’m just not good enough to succeed. Maybe I don’t even deserve to succeed. These are doubts that never completely go away.

But there are are three big things I’ve learned in my time at MFF that help me manage those doubts.

  1. I cannot out-train my diet. If I’m not making an effort to stay within a daily calorie level, drinking lots of water and getting lots of sleep, I’m not going to lose significant weight no matter how many days I work out. It’s possible to learn about nutrition. You don’t have to be scared or ashamed of what you don’t know. Believe you can learn. Don’t be afraid to fail along the way. 
  2. I need to have a strong “why” behind my fitness goals. If I’m clear on why I am making a choice for myself, I can always go back to that when I feel tired or discouraged. Why’s can change over time. In fact, they WILL change. It’s great to check in with yourself regularly and know your reasons for what you’re doing and what you want. 
  3. I’m stronger than I ever thought and stronger than I’ve yet to realize.


How is your life different now that you’re a Ninja?

I have tools that can never be taken away from me. I believe I am a happier person from being a Ninja because I now think about gratitude and community as critical parts of health and hotness. I don’t feel pressure for everything to be perfect.

It’s possible to challenge yourself and to give yourself a break at the same time! I’ve been at this for four years now. People are always changing. We’re always learning. We’re always aging. Breathe into it and embrace it all.


What would you say to someone struggling in their fitness goals and thinking about coming to MFF?

Come in. You are welcome here. Your fitness goals might be different from my fitness goals, but we’ll take class together and genuinely support each other and delight in each other’s success.

Fitness is a journey that goes on and on and at MFF you’ll find a roomful of the greatest travel companions every time.


Anything else about MFF you want to share with the world?

Bear crawls are better when you ROAR. It’s a safe space. Get down and go for it!

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