Courtney's Story


I am so excited to be living a new, amazing, incredible, kind, glitter and unicorn-filled, beautiful life. I lost 5 lbs. and 5 in. from my waist.

- Courtney

Most people that know me would probably use “bubbly” in a list of adjectives to describe me, but ever since I graduated from college and moved to New York, I have been doggie-paddling and constantly gasping for air in this vast ocean of a city.

I felt like I didn’t know how to make a schedule or organize my life and would often end up hiding in my apartment until I would go to work in the late afternoon for just three hours, usually rewarding myself with a $5 latte along the way and take-out when I got home.

Then, when I traveled to Japan this fall, I started having nightmares about returning to NYC. I knew that I didn’t have something truly awesome to come back to, I would quickly slip into my old ways and become depressed again. So, on that glorious November day, I set an alarm for 7:00 AM Japan time to ensure that I would get a spot in the January Snatched session. “If I hand over a big chunk of cash to hold me responsible,” I thought, “and still can’t commit to pursuing what I have dreamed of doing my entire life, then I need to start figuring out a different career.” I felt like losing weight was the final big thing I needed to do to feel like I really gave “making it” my best shot. I didn’t realize at the time that losing weight would end up being one of the least important things I did during Snatched. Snatched is about seeing EVERYTHING you could be and MORE and ACTUALLY BELIEVING IT!

During Snatched, I:

• Learned how to cook
• Learned how to do my taxes
• Became aware of every ingredient in everything I ate
• Started getting up before noon, and then before 9:00 AM on my own
• Re-decorated my room to be more simple, elegant, and got rid of clutter
• Made my bed every morning
• Decided what was important enough to stay up/eat out for vs. what would just be an excuse to eat
• Fit more into every day
• Became more decisive
• Fell in love with a completely new group of friends of all ages, sizes, and professions
• Learned to love myself and the person I am becoming physically and personality-wise
• Started living everyday as the Courtney I had always wished I could be

And, oh yeah,

• Lost 5 inches from my waist and 5 pounds

I know I am not 100% “there” yet, but I am so happy with where I have leaped to in the last 6 weeks. I am SO excited to be living a new, amazing, incredible, kind, glitter and unicorn-filled, beautiful life.

“Don’t get to the door of your dreams and decide you are too afraid to knock”- Mark Fisher (in class one day not knowing that I just found the new mantra to live the rest of my life by.)

Wanna get after your fitness dreams like Courtney?