Testimonial: “Your Number One Fan”

Snatched is the only place to go when you are looking for individual attention, in a class setting, from a fitness professional who cares more about your health than your mother.  Not only do you get a workout that makes you sweat and your heart-rate rise, you get the support of fellow ninjas who are on the same journey as you.   To say this class is well rounded is putting it mildly.  It’s full body, full mind and full soul.  If you want the body of your dreams, stop dreaming and take action!!  Mark is your number one fan through it all.  His daily emails force you to wake up and re-think the life you’re currently living.  His tips on what to eat, when to eat it and why you need to eat it are what others forget to tell you.  You’ll never feel judged….just loved.  Really, really loved.  I refuse to think of my life without Mark in it everyday.  He’s changed my life in ways I could never have imagined.  I feel stronger, happier and healthier.  My confidence and knowledge of my body has grown exponentially.  Could I have done this on my own?  NEVER!  Mark is the one who forced me to look at myself and recognize the hotness within.  Become a ninja yourself and allow Mark to show you just what your hotness can be.

Michael DiLiberto


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