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Testimonial: “Pleasantly Plump”

Why Mark Fisher?  I guess the most important reason is that he knows what he’s doing.  You can argue that in New York City there are plenty of trainers who know what they’re doing.  That may be, but they will not have the energy, charisma or enthusiasm that Mark does.  Mark made the tedious task of going to the gym fun and inspiring.  His exuberance is infectious.  His appetite for all things fitness is staggering.  And even more astonishing, he can take that knowledge and explain it in a way that is easily understood by the average person.  Thank you Mark for helping me go  from short and “pleasantly plump” to slender and…okay, still short, not much I can do about that, unless there’s something new you’ve read about that can help me with my height issue.

Ramona Soltero

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