Testimonial: “I’m Addicted to Eating Well”

I’ve been an active, gym-going type for many years.  I have, at times, eaten extremely well.  I like to think myself as having an advanced (albeit not expert) knowledge of fitness and proper nutrition.  I’ve never done of this with any amount of regularity.  Mark Fisher has absolutely revolutionized the way I approach exercise and eating.  He does this with a tireless wealth of knowledge, support, joy, humor and humility.  Many trainers can behave as if they know everything about every human body.  The wonderful thing about Mark is he probably knows more than most “professionals” out there but when he doesn’t, he is unafraid to say “I don’t know but I will find out.”

He’s forced me to rediscover reserves of power and positivity I had lost or forgotten.  He is always there with an answer when I have a question and, more importantly, he’s there to say “I believe you can do this.”  I’m addicted to eating well and taking care of my body in an intelligent, healthy way thanks to him (with a dash of insanity to boot).  Proud to be a porn star/sad dog/Fisher Fitness ninja!  Thanks Mark!

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