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Testimonial: “Forever Grateful”

After I turned 30, i thought my days of fitness glory were numbered. Boy, was I wrong! Mark Fisher made it easy and exciting to get back in shape. I had heard nothing but amazing things about this man and they turned out to be all true. He’s a wealth of fitness knowledge who happily shares his life’s work with you. I learned more in 6 weeks from him than any other person to date. 

Not only did i shed 10 pounds in 6 weeks but i took off 1.5 inches on my waist and added 2 inches on my chest. It’s pretty simple. If you do what he tells you to do, come to class and work hard, your body will change quite dramatically. Mark inspired me so much that I even contemplated quitting my cushy advertising job to become a personal trainer. I’m forever grateful to him. He gave me back my self-confidence. I feel like I can do anything. 

Thank you so much Mark Fisher Fitness!

Ian McAllister


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