Testimonial: “Exponential Amount of Strength”

So I’ll keep this quick, but I just HAD to share the excellent work of my bad ass buddy, everybody’s favorite musical virtuoso, the one, the only… Ryan Guerra.

 As Ryan explains in his testimonial, the universe dealt him kind of a bum hand.  But he still decided nothing would stop him from kicking fitness ass.  And kick fitness ass he did.  Although I’m mainly known as fat loss guy, I also LOOOOVE putting some beef on skinny guys that want to get bigger. These pictures represent 26 POUNDS OF GROWTH IN THREE MONTHS.  

And he’s just getting started kids… he’s in it to win it, and I promise, this is just the beginning.  Muscle and strength gains take not only smart training and nutrition, but time and patience.  And this fitness warrior has the whole package.

Ryan has been nailing it and I feel so lucky to be there to help with his journey.  It’s all the more special to me because he’s such a great human and after his accident no one knew how completely he’d recover.  As mentioned above, Ryan is literally one of the sickest violin players you’ll ever meet and lately has been making the guitar bend to his musical genius will; needless to say the severity of his injury was worrisome.  But anyone who knows Ryan also felt the same way I did; what could have been a major life changing and career ending injury was just gonna be a bump in the road.

Well done Ryan!!  You are a great American and I salute you!!


“Mark offered to help me after I sustained serious injuries from a fall.  I sustained a left elbow dislocation, radial head and coronoid process fracture and an open fracture of the ulnar shaft.  I underwent two major reconstructive surgeries on my left dominant arm.  Since working with Mark I have been paying close attention to my nutrition and followed his specific workout program for me and so far I’ve gained 26 pounds of muscle.  Mark has been so enthusiastic about helping me attain my goals.  Since I’ve started the program my arm continues to regain an exponential amount of strength, not to mention the rest of my body.  I am very lucky to train with Mark, I feel great and I’m so glad to make this choice to start caring about my body and my health.”

Ryan Guerra, Fitness Warrior


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