Testimonial: “Break Through that Plateau”

Mark Fisher, Mark Fisher, Mark Fisher, how do I count the ways?  I’ve been going to the gym for years, doing vanity workouts for arms, chest, abs, etc., but it was in the last year that I decided to take a different approach to fitness.  I wanted to focus more on strength and core stability; looking good would just be a bonus. I had trained myself, but I hit a plateau and wanted a deeper understanding and new way of working out, and that’s when I found Mark Fisher Fitness.

I had been really interested in kettlebells, and word had spread fast about Mark so I looked into it, stat. I was fortunate to get a spot in one of Mark’s illustrious Snatched classes, which definitely helped me overcome that plateau and then some!  I started from scratch, as I learned in class that everything I knew was basically wrong—-and that was okay, I was there to learn!  I learned proper form, how focus on your body from the inside out, how to listen to myself—-proper form is key!

It wasn’t only a fitness class, but in a way, a meditation, which I loved.  From Mark, I learned how to adjust myself, I could actually feel and know when my body’s form was off.  This was a first for me, and it was actually a big break through.  I had class with Mark and Brian Patrick, who are both amazing, inspiring people.  They took us under their wings, and like a good relationship, if you trust, it’s gonna be good! And it was! I had never felt more motivated to be healthy and hot!

But it’s not only them—-their supporting cast and team is amazing.  My classmates were the best; you really do become like a family when you’re getting hot and healthy together for six weeks.  It’s inspiring to see everyone change, not just in appearance, but in confidence and attitude.  It’s not just the workout; a big part of change is changing what you put into your body.  You learn proper diet, and Mark’s daily emails and 24/7 availability for questions about class or nutrition are indispensable.  Use him!  He insists, I swear. Even a type B person like myself managed to stay on track and get results. I didn’t have a lot to lose, and I didn’t expect a big physical change, but I can say that my end results surprised myself.  My core is definitely stronger and thicker, in fact I even feel taller!  Proper form and core work with lengthen you right up.  I’ve put on some mass without over bulking, and I’m definitely pleased with the results.

Most importantly, I accomplished the goal I had wanted to accomplish with Snatched: to break through that plateau, get stronger, and strengthen that core.

Matthew Barela


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