Stuff Everybody Agrees On

If there’s one thing I can tell you about the fitness industry, it’s this: there are very few things everybody agrees on. From training modalities to nutrition strategies – even to specific foods – you can usually find folks who passionately support or vilify pretty much anything.  So I decided to make a little list of the things on which there’s actual agreement.  It’s not long… but it’s something!


And now… a list of things pretty much everybody agrees on!


–  Veggies are good for you.  Eat more of them.


–  If you want to be leaner, you need to eat less.  Moving more is important too, but it’s real hard to out-train your diet.


–  Drinking water is key.  Drink more.  Seriously.  Right now.  Go drink some right now.


–  Sleep is an essential part of any health and hotness goal.  If you’re having trouble sleeping, look into your sleeping environment and make sure you’re addressing any underlying emotional stresses that could be disrupting your sleep.


–  Fish oil is seriously the bomb.

–  Mark Fisher curses a lot.  But in a strangely wholesome way that can result in cognitive dissonance.  He also says a lot of pretentious things like “cognitive dissonance.”


–  Some exercise modalities are better than others depending on the person and their goals.  But maybe the most important thing is consistency.  It can be the best workout ever, but if you hate it and won’t stick with it, it’s probably not the winner.


–  Nothing works forever.  Variation is required in any movement modality. Either choose a form of exercise that has variation (and progression and precision) built in, or switch up your modality from time to time.


–  Mad Men is the best TV show ever.


That Don Draper’s a complicated man.

No matter how much booze, or how much money, or how many women…

You’re always empty inside.

–  Soft tissue work is important.  It’s not an indulgence.  It’s a necessary part of the health and hotness regime.  Make friends with a massage therapist and soft tissue equipment like foam rollers and lacrosse balls.


–  More is usually not better.  More is just more.  More is often worse.


–  Weight training is pretty key for everybody, but it’s particularly helpful for ladies as it helps maintain and improve bone density.


–  Social support is a necessary component of achieving and maintaining fitness goals.  If your social net isn’t supportive of your goals, it’s gonna be hard to succeed.   On the flip-side, working out with friends makes it easier for exercise to be a part of your day to day life.


–  The MFF Team will pretty much do anything to help you succeed.  ANYTHING.  Don’t be shy about asking for our help.  We LIVE for this!!



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