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Stick It In Our Box

Give thanks! The Siren is back with another round of feedback to your burning questions as we head into the beautiful month of November. Let’s do this!


I’ve heard you can schedule a drop-in class for the Clubhouse that’s not your home location. How can I do that?

Ninjas with class memberships at one MFF location may drop in for a class at the other location, when space is available. You may call or stop by the Clubhouse during the two-hour window prior to your desired class. If there is open spot, we’ll add you to the class for the standard add-on fee of $20, plus tax. If the class is full, you may add yourself to the standby list at the front desk. Drop-ins are not available for semi-private training at this time.


Wassup with the Clubhouse being closed on Wednesdays midday?

Both MFF Clubhouses are closed from 2 – 5 PM on Wednesdays for our Team Meeting. We appreciate your flexibility as we get 1% better!


It’s hard to pounce on classes and sessions at noon on the 15th of every month. Any plans to change this up?

Actually, yes! Beginning November 15th, classes and semi-private training sessions for MFF Hell’s Kitchen and MFF Bowery will go live at the stroke of midnight. Plan ahead and jump on those spots when they go live or you’ll be turned into a pumpkin! A sexy pumpkin, but a pumpkin nonetheless. 

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