Stick It In Our Box: Ninja Suggestions

When the Ninjas speak, MFF listens! Fresh from the musky caverns of our Suggestion Box, we bring you answers to your most burning questions and fulfillment of your most ardent desires.

WTF with YOGA? It used to be offered but now it’s not. What’s up wit dat?

We’ll let The Franchise himself, Mr. Mark Fisher, answer this one!

“Hi Ninjas!

We love yoga, and we know many of you do too. That said, it’s also important to us that we offer you services that we know we can offer on a consistent basis with great coaching. Great yoga teachers (like our magical Erin Thompson) generally undergo 400 plus hour certifications; with only one of our team members certified, we’re committed to fitness service offerings that fit into the skillset and expertise of our team. This insures we can consistently provide a great experience!

However… your love for yoga is heard! We hope to provide some ongoing workshops with Erin in the very near future once it makes sense for her schedule and our space availability, so stay tuned. :-)”


Our resident  lesbian aunt, Amanda Wheeler, will be dropping ALL the soft tissue knowledge bombs during her one hour workshop on June 1st titled, “ROLLING WITH WHEELS!”  Learn all sorts of techniques to make love to your soft tissue with foam rollers and lacrosse balls! We’ll even do some partner work to get the ultimate experience.

On the subject of foam rollers, many Ninjas requested more full size foam rollers for the downstairs classroom. We added more! BOOM!


OMG totes! This is totally one of my favorite big projects. We have some great stuff coming. F#CK Better Hoodies/Jackets are just the beginning. Did someobody say burnout tees? Oh yea I did! I promise some fun new additions this summer, and its the only the beginning of the GLORY!


Ninja Army, we heard your thirsty cries and YOU FINALLY HAVE YOUR WATER DOWNSTAIRS! This was a pretty tricky operation because we had to drill (heh heh, I said drill) through brick and concrete to tap the water main. Thank you for your patience!


There is now a bin for dirty towels downstairs to the left of the front entrance! For just a bit longer, you’ll still grab your fresh towel upstairs because it will remind you to sign in for class, yo! Before long you’ll have full fresh stacks downstairs as well.


And keep that feedback coming! You can email us or speak to your friendly Rainbow Wrangler the next time you’re in the Clubhouse. Your suggestions keep our thongs snug, our smiles bright, and our dreams glorious!


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