Stick It In Our Box: Ninja Suggestions

The Siren is back with her latest monthly installment of Suggestion Box feedback realness. Here we go, kids!

“Can you announce the date of the next Ninja Progress Pics so we have a goal / timeline to push ourselves more?”

  • Great idea! Our next round of Ninja Progress Pictures will be Monday, October 3rd. Stay tuned later this month for more details!

“I recently got bumped into a class from a wait list and didn’t get a notification from MBO. WTF?”

  • We put in a work order last week with MBO to help get this issue resolved. This problem appears to be solved for now, but we’re keeping an eye on it. Please call us if you are bumped into a class without notification, and we will make it right!

When da heck is the Bowery location opening?

  • We’re currently aiming to open MFF Bowery the week of October 10th, but the construction gods are fickle and don’t always do our bidding. We promise to keep you posted if the opening date changes and thank you in advance for your infinite patience!


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