Stick it in Our Box: Ninja Suggestions

It’s that time again! The lovely Siren here to give voice to all your amazing suggestions. This month’s top contenders were: 

“What’s the latest with the mats?”

  • We now have a total of three custom mats in the Upstairs Classroom that we are testing, and more are on the way. Please continue giving your feedback — we are compiling it and will make a decision soon.While we are testing the new mats, we replaced five of the current mats that were shedding the worst; this is a temporary fix until our new mats arrive.

“The turf in the Dragon Lair hurts my knees and there are hairballs in that shit. Help!”

  • We received a lot of feedback about Ninjas that were not feeling the turf for a variety of reasons. We ripped it up and replaced it with rubber tiles–enjoy!

“For real though, what is up with y’all not having showers?”

  • We spent a lot of money getting plans drawn up for showers in the facility back in 2013, but our space doesn’t allow for them due to NYC permit complications. We tried to make it work for our beloved Ninja army!If you haven’t done so already, check out our changing rooms, which are stocked with a plethora of toiletries.

And, here’s a special update about the SP Training App we want to share:

  • We’re hard at work on our next iteration for our SP Training App. We invested a fuck ton of money and countless man hours to creating this app to make semi-private programs more intuitive. We’re excited to be creating another iteration with improvements, and also would love to keep hearing feedback about how we can make it even better.


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