Stick it in Our Box: Ninja Suggestions

It’s that time again! The lovely Siren here to give voice to all your amazing suggestions. This month’s top contenders were: 

“What’s up with dropping the 4:30 classes? This is disastrous!”

  • You are heard and you are loved. As expected, this month’s schedule changes were lauded by some Ninjas and criticised by others. However, the one piece of consistent feedback we received was that the 4:30pm weekday class is beloved by a large number of Ninjas. So, we’re bringing it back starting February 1st!

“The new yucky mats shred tiny ballsacks all over my sweaty body!”

  • We are aware that the new mats are shedding and are not ideal; please know what we are committed to resolving this issue ASAP. Our fearless Operations Manager, Allie, is working with mat specialists (who knew there were mat specialists?!) to find mats that live up to our high standards in terms of durability, stability and comfort. We also want to be sure they are super easy to clean. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be trying out some samples in hopes of replacing all the mats within the next month. We also gave the upstairs Clubhouse floor a deep clean earlier this week, so it sparkly and fresh for your beautiful bear crawls.

“Can we get people to chill out on storming the castle immediately when class ends? It messes with my meditation, and there is no room to clean my space!”

  • Great observation! We added this into Class Announcements to gently remind the Ninja Army about this Clubhouse etiquette.

“Can we please have cups for water?”

  • MFF is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and having cups creates unnecessary waste. Check out awesome collapsable water bottles that are a breeze to tote around on


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