Soul Body Breakthrough | March 3-5 at Mark Fisher Fitness

Imagine if you finally had the key to overcoming your own stuckness and sabotage.

Imagine if you finally understood how to break through your OWN glass ceiling.

Well, my friend, there is an opening for you here.

You CAN identify the root of the self-sabotaging behavior that keeps you stuck in your big life and soul goals with your body, with your relationships, creativity and impact and ignite more empowerment, more ease, more trust, and deeper feelings of peace and fulfillment in 2017 (and beyond).

It is all about a RADICAL mindset shift, baby. Want to come along for the ride?

In this weekend intensive at Mark Fisher Fitness, we will focus less on gaining new knowledge and more on gaining new awareness of ourselves and why we operate the way that we do, why we crash the plane just as it is taking off (or many times before it gets to the runway).

Awareness is the greatest agent for change.

Whether you are struggling in your relationship with food, your relationship with yourself (hello inner-critic!), where you are in your life, your impact, your relationships or your finances… there is a common denominator… you. And that is not a bad thing.

Rather, it is invitation for you to do some digging into WHY you engage in sabotage and HOW to start feeling the way you want to feel.

If you are feeling in any way stuck in your life, this weekend is for you. Your stuck-ness is an opening for you to come back home to your heart.

So, what exactly will be be doing? Let’s talk curriculum.

DAY 1: What the heck is sabotage anyway?

Learn what exactly sabotage is, its practical function, and how specifically it may be affecting your life and your desires and preventing you from living powerfully and authentically.

Open up awareness of how human beings sabotage themselves without even meaning to and how that is affecting feelings of peace, clarity and fulfillment.

Deepen the relationship with your intuition and your own truth and diminish the grip of fear.

Learn how to start to take radical levels of responsibility for your own happiness.

DAY 2 : The Incredible Gifts in Your Saboteur

This day is my absolute favorite!

Learn the specific secrets that your saboteur has for you about how to attain your vision.

Gain awareness on the origin of your self-saboteur and how they are trying to help you.

Start to forgive your saboteur for keeping you stuck and invite them into the conversation of how to change.

Open up to befriending all parts of yourself (not just the pretty, rocking it parts).

Deepen your own self-acceptance, self-love, and self-trust.

Experience a whole new understanding of who you really are (aside from fear and ego) and how to access that part of yourself on a more regular basis.

DAY 3: Rising Up WITH Your Saboteur

Identify the core desires you have been ignoring and suppressing.

Partner with your saboteur as a partner in your rising toward that vision.

Create a structured plan for how to create soul-based intentions for year (and beyond).

Create a plan and/or accountability for how to move through self-sabotaging behavior and resistance when it arises.

Join radical levels of self-acceptance with radical levels of personal responsibility for your vision.




Friday, March 3 – Sunday, March 5

9 AM – 6 PM on Friday and Saturday
(yes, you may need to take work off Friday)

9 AM – 1 PM on Sunday

There will be a one-hour lunch break on each day.



Mark Fisher Fitness Hell’s Kitchen

411 W. 39th Street (b/w 9th and 10th Ave.)



(can be broken into two payments)

$497 if you enroll by February 5
(can also be broken into two payments)

Need more info? Email Beth at [email protected].

Who is this EVENT right for?

You are open-minded.

You are open-hearted.

You are compassionate.

You are committed to seeing the weekend through.

You are coachable (it’s okay to feel resistance, but you are willing to stay open enough to be coached).

You are supportive of others.

You are feeling stuck in any of the following: with food, with your body relationship, with your relationships with others, with your creativity, impact, career, or your relationship with yourself.

You are just curious and want to learn more about this subject!

Who is this EVENT wrong for? (At least right now)

You want to be fixed without having to put any work in (I’m sorry, I had to write that).

The word vulnerability makes you want to slap a baby.

You want the information without be willing to look at your own life.

You are much better working one-on-one (and don’t think you can open up in a group right now).

You can’t commit to the whole weekend.

You think you might bail after the first day if you start feeling an incy bit uncomfortable (your saboteur would want it that way).

You are feeling emotionally unstable and may need professional support (and are not currently seeking it).

Not sure? Need to get to know BETH better and see what this whole “self sabotage” thing is about?

CLICK HERE to register for Beth’s FREE crash course “The Secrets in Your Sabotage” workshop on Sunday, February 5 at 1:30 PM. In this high impact, 90-minute workshop, you will not only get a taste of her flavor and coaching style, you will also get a crash-course in:

What self-sabotage is all about and why we all do it.

The BIGGEST way humans sabotage their own happiness.

How to notice your own self-sabotage as it is happening so you can stop it in its tracks.

Uncover a nugget of truth about how and why YOU are sabotaging.

How to step back into empowerment with simple, usable tools (to get better results than ever before).

Even if you decide not to participate in the weekend event, you will leave with new knowledge, new awareness and a whole lot of inspiration.

Still not sure and Want to learn more about what it’s like to work with Beth?

Take a gander at what these Ninjas (and Mark Fisher himself) have to say:

“In my experience in the health and fitness industry, I’ve never come across a more thoughtful, gifted, and powerful coach than Beth Clayton. Anyone who works with real people in the real world knows that creating behavioral change is about so much more than closing the knowledge gap. The work I’ve seen Beth do can only be described as “white magic.” In an industry selling quick fixes and magic pills, Beth is a shining example of what it means to coach with integrity and humanity. She’s a true miracle worker and I feel lucky to have her in my network.”

– Mark Fisher

“I unlocked some doors to food and my body that were barricaded as a child. I could not have done that without Beth’s approach of quieting the thoughts and digging into the why’s of my behavior and my intentional closing off to such a huge area of my life. As hesitant as I was to join a group of people I didn’t know and sharing things I don’t even share with those closest to me, this was the biggest key. Hearing the others’ stories and watching Beth coach them through challenges was hugely beneficial as I could always find a way to relate to each instance in some way or another. It also made me feel less alone in this realm. I cannot speak highly enough about Beth.”


“Before working with Beth, I felt lost in my self-sabotage. Inside I was crying out for help, I just didn’t know where to seek it. I now feel free from the beliefs that blocked me from my own self-love and I’ve discovered that all of my feelings are purposeful for navigating my life and I found gratitude for all of them. I lost 17 pounds during my time with Beth, and I don’t eat perfectly all the time, but the guilt I used to have is gone. I feel great in my body and more at peace with who I am. This was exactly what I needed to propel my life forward.”


“The work I did with Beth both in the group and private sessions helped me to uncover the story I had told myself about my body and what I had come to believe as truth. Since working with her, I’ve discovered a new sense of confidence and an appreciation for my body as it is now and even a sense of compassion for the girl who was struggling with her body image for the last twenty years. People around me have told me how light on my feet I look, how energized I seem, and what a difference they see in how I’m even carrying myself. For me, I see my body changing in ways I never truly believed it could and it’s exciting to see that I’m doing it with self love, not having to attack myself for the stumbles I’ve had in the past.”

– Molly

“I just feel a lightness in my body and mind because I’ve been letting negative thoughts fall away. This is huge for me. Huge. Through working with Beth, I’ve been able to see self-sabotage clearly and see that often when things are going well, I will find some way to screw it up. Now I take a breath and examine why I really want to do those things. This makes me feel calm, empowered, abundant, and awake with my feelings.”

– Heather

“Beth took me on a journey that opened my eyes to a deeper set of goals that shifted my perspective on health, weight, age, career, and self-image. My mind was blown open to the areas of my life that were holding me back, keeping me sick, and in need of serious reevaluation.”

– Jolie

“People are truly noticing a difference in me just because I am being open and honest. I’m going through things that I’ve never addressed in my life and recognizing pieces of my past that I made into something about me. Beth and this group lead the way to real change in my life, a better understanding of myself, an understanding of why I do the things I do, and put the foundation down for me to truly bring my body and soul together again.”

– Michael

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