Back by popular demand…

Kickstart or Reboot Your Fitness Without a Gym from the Comfort of Your Own Home

The unicorn lovin’ elves at Mark Fisher Fitness have been hard at work thinking of ways we can offer to support our Ninjas as we continue to ride out the pandemic.

And since it looks like we’re not going to be able to do in-person classes in NYC for a little bit longer, we’ve decided to move our ever popular Snatched in Six Weeks program online for the foreseeable future.

If you’re looking to get in awesome shape, add on some nutrition coaching, have a set class schedule, and go through a dedicated six-week adventure with like-minded pals… this will be a great fit!

If you’re intrigued, keep reading for all the details!

What Are The Deets?

What Are the Dates?

Monday, September 21 – Sunday, November 1 (though the last class will technically be on Saturday, October 31)


What Are the Class Times?

  • MWF 7:30 AM – SOLD OUT
  • TTh 8:30 AM / Sat 8:00 AM – SOLD OUT
  • MWF 12:30 PM
  • MWF 6:30 PM


Do I Need Equipment?

The inimitable Amanda Ting is creating a new version of the Snatched programming that can be done at home with just bodyweight and bands. There will also be options for loading some of the moves for those who have weights.


How Hard Will It Be?

For those familiar with our Snatched programs, you can think of this as “Snatched 1.75,” a cross between Snatched I and Snatched II. For this very first offering, it will be a hybrid. It’s being designed to scoop up those of you looking to get back on the fitness wagon and need a reboot, but also to test the mettle of those of you who’ve been consistently training your butts off.


How Many People Per Class?

To make sure we can provide even more individualized coaching, we’re reducing our Zoom class max from 35 to 24. We’ll also only book 21 into each class section to make sure there’s a bit of wiggle room if you need to reschedule.


How Much Does It Cost?

Snatched at Home is 3 payments of $249 plus tax.


What If I Want To Train More Than Three Times Per Week?

As any former Snatcheder knows, we ask people to train at least five times per week for best results. While it’s ideal to lift heavy ass weights, we know that still won’t be an option for many people, so you’ll have the following add-on options:

  • $99 for 12 HomeBody Classes (Virtual)
  • $139 for 18 HomeBody Classes (Virtual)
  • $359 for 5 Semi-Private Training Sessions (In-Person)


What If I Want To Do This With A Roommate?

That’s awesome! You have three choices:

  • If you’d each like to have your own “square on the grid,” you can simply purchase two spots.
  • You may also access the “Household Rate” for 3 payments of $299 plus tax. We’ll ask you to “share a square on the grid” for classes, but you’ll get a second “seat” for individual nutrition coaching, the daily educational emails, and the Facebook Group.
  • If you’d like to “share a square on the grid” for a single spot, that’s cool too. We know you may have a motivated roomie but be a bit tight on cash. But please note, there will only be one “seat” for nutrition coaching, the emails, and the Facebook Group.


What If I’m Already Doing HomeBody?

You can either keep your HomeBody membership going so you have access to 12 additional classes every two weeks OR you can choose to “pause” your HomeBody membership during Snatched.

What Else Do We Get Besides Classes?

The good news is that much of the Snatched experience was already (or could easily be) delivered virtually. As a reminder, you’ll also get:

  • Pre-Booked Classes, so you can have your preferred class time, built-in accountability, and not have to worry about scheduling
  • Personalized Weekly Nutrition Coaching (delivered via email), so you can get individual coaching, support, and accountability to consistently eat well for your personal goals, including making strategy adjustments based on results
  • The Snatched in Six Weeks Workbook (delivered digitally), so you can get a broad overview on all the basics of exercise, nutrition, recovery, and mindset
  • Daily Educational Emails, so you can get a drip-fed education that goes into greater detail on all the finer points of living your Fitness Best Life
  • Snatched Foreplay Workshop (delivered over Zoom), so you can get an interactive workshop with Mark and your fellow Snatcheders the week before Snatched begins to make sure you have mastery of the basics (the recording will be made available if you have to miss it)
  • Private Virtual Snatched Facebook Group, so you have unlimited support from the MFF Team and your fellow Snatcheders to answer questions, celebrate wins, provide support, and generally get weird together

How Do I Sign Up?

If you’re interested in taking part, fill out the form below to choose your class time and we’ll hit you back with a confirmation.

We’re excited about this next adventure and can’t wait to send the magic of Snatched right into your home!

With love and appreciation forever and ever and ever,