It’s no secret Mark Fisher Fitness has always been a weird-ass underground secret society, shared from friend to friend. The vast majority of our Ninjas are here because they knew another Ninja who convinced them to come taste the unicorn magic.

And frankly… we really like it that way. Let’s be real, MFF is not for everyone. We’ve always relied on Ninjas to select the friends they know will be a love match. Hell, we rely on Ninjas to help save their friends time when they know it wouldn’t be a love match.

While we know we’re not the cheapest place to train in New York, we’ve been able to keep our prices well below comparable private training studios. And that’s because, thanks to our Ninjas, we can save some of that money we’d otherwise spend on marketing.

We are pleased to announce that going forward, every time you refer a first-time Ninja who signs up for an MFF Membership or becomes a first-time Snatcheder…

we’re going to add two free classes to your account.


Want an easy way to refer your friends to MFF?

Great! Click the link below to send us your friend’s info. We’ll contact them to schedule a Strategy Session AND we’ll give them five free classes if they end up signing up for a Membership. (We promise we won’t send them spam, an actual human being will reach out to them.)

Click Here to Refer Your Fraaaaands.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your ongoing support of Mark Fisher Fitness.

We want to be the best part of your day every day, and we’re always grateful you choose to spend your time, energy, and money with us. We’re always listening to your feedback and looking to take better care of you.

We really hope you’ll enjoy this token of our appreciation for trusting us with your friends. We promise to take great care of them too, and if appropriate, spiritually makeout with them.

*Sexy Fine Print: First-time Ninjas and Snatcheders are able to list one current referring Ninja at the time of initial sign-up. Effective May 11, 2017, all currently active Ninjas will receive two free classes for each new Ninja who claims them as their referrer. This offer may be revoked at any time. Rules and restrictions may apply.

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