give your friends and family a Free MFF
HomeBody class
a Free MFF In-Person Class

And if they fall in love and want to stick around?

We’ll give you $50 Off your next monthly membership payment!

It’s no secret Mark Fisher Fitness has always been a weird-ass underground secret society, shared from friend to friend. The vast majority of our Ninjas are here because they knew another Ninja who convinced them to come taste the unicorn magic.

And frankly… we really like it that way. Let’s be real, MFF is not for everyone. We’ve always relied on Ninjas to select the friends they know will be a love match. Hell, we rely on Ninjas to help save their friends time when they know it wouldn’t be a love match.

In today’s day and age, the very last thing we want to do is give more money to Google and Facebook. But as a small business, we need to find ways to find awesome new people. And that’s why your help and support means so much!

Here’s how you can help:

We’ll give any “brand-new-to-MFF” friend a totally free tastes of MFF:

  • A FREE Week of Homebody Classes credit ($63 value) -or-
  • A FREE In-Person MFF Class credit ($36 value)

And if they stick around?

We’ll give you $50 off your next membership payment as a “thank you” for spreading the unicorn word!

You are welcomed (and encouraged!) to submit as many friends who you believe are a lovematch. Whether you send us 1, 10, or 100, we’ll be over-the-moon with gratitude and do everything in our power to give them a great experience.

And if they decide to sign up for a membership?

All you need to do to receive your $50 credit is make sure your new Ninja pal gives us your name as the referring Ninja. We’ll contact you to confirm the magic is happening and adjust your next monthly membership payment to reflect our gratitude. <3

Want an easy way to refer your friends to MFF?

Click the link below and we’ll send your friends the details of our referral offer.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your ongoing support of Mark Fisher Fitness.

*Sexy Fine Print: This offer may only be redeemed by current Ninjas who refer a brand-new baby Ninja. A “current Ninja” is any member of the Ninja Army on a current membership agreement. A “brand-new baby Ninja” is someone who has never purchased MFF services before.

This offer is only valid for Cancel Anytime or 1 year membership agreements. It cannot be combined with any other offers. Brand-new baby Ninjas are able to list only one referring current Ninja at the time of initial sign-up.

This offer may be revoked at any time. Rules and restrictions may apply.