“Punch In, Punch Out” Workouts

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like it.  It happens.  I’m friggin’ obsessed with all things training and nutrition and sometimes even I don’t feel like it.  We all know what it’s like.  Should you find yourself feeling a little “wah wah” lazy-pants, remember you will still be serving your goals even if you go and have a “punch in, punch out” workout.  (Although I can’t find the exact article, in the interest of giving credit where it’s due, I believe I got this concept from the Warrior Poet King of Strength and Conditioning Dan John).

What’s a “punch in, punch out” workout?  It’s one where you don’t try to break any records.  You don’t try to amp yourself up until your spleen pops out your ear when you’re squatting.  You don’t try to see how long you can sprint at max speed.  You don’t time wiping your forehead sweat with your t-shirt so you can do it in front of the hot girl on the elliptical hoping she’ll get a peek of your flexed abs and come talk to you because lord knows you’re too shy to say hi and you always get tongue tied around pretty girls anyway so it’s just better to let her make the first move, ugh.

When it comes to goal setting, you’re gonna get more bang for your buck setting behavioral goals as opposed to outcome goals.  Fitness Super Hero Alwyn Cosgrove talks about setting your goal for workouts completed in a year, and then break it down by month and then week.  Smart dude.

It’s just like putting notches on the bedpost.

Without the STD’s.

This is a wise because you have total control over your behavior.  The outcome of your training and nutrition can be elusive while you’re in the midst of it.  Some days your scale will say upsetting things (“I know I’m just a scale, but I wanted to remind you there is no god and the universe is indifferent”), so it’s best to focus on the behavior you know will ultimately lead to the outcome.  Sure if you haven’t lost weight at the end a month of fat loss training… something’s wrong and you may need to ask someone for help.  But you’re going to have more success both with your goals and in your emotional journey if you focus on what you can control.  If you’re following a decent program and decent dietary principles, keep focused on your behavior and don’t sweat the outcome until you’ve given your labor enough time to produce hotness fruit.

Sorry if this turns you on.

Sexy fruit: NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

Awwwww yeah…

So the next time you’re dragging, don’t worry about setting a world record for awesomeness with your workout.  Just get in, DO WORK, and go home.  You’ll be a step closer to health and hotness. I high five you for your commitment.  Seriously.  You’re totally rad.


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