Old? More like SMOKIN’ HOT.

Well friends, we find ourselves at an interesting moment in fitness history.  The lifestyle of the average American is more sedentary than ever.  Consequently health and fitness attributes from mobility to strength to body composition are at an all time low for inactive people.

Allow me to present a bright side; while there is still much we don’t know about how the body responds to training and nutrition, we DO know more than we ever have. And while misinformation is rampant, the fact is there are plenty of people staying fitter and hotter at older ages than ever.  Allow me to present some images to inspire you to move past using your age as an excuse to justify not pursuing your fitness goals.

I give you Exhibit A, Rachel McLish at age 53

Exhibit B, Frank Zane at age 65

Exhibit C, Cory Everson at age 50

Now, I don’t show you these pictures to make you feel bad about yourself so lets get some qualifiers out of the way; as former elite level professional bodybuilders, these people have some freaky good genetics.  And furthermore, Frank Zane has been very open about using hormone replacement therapy.  Even with that in mind… if they can be this JACKED, surely you can lose those last couple of pounds and train enough to handle the stairs to your third floor walkup without getting winded.

Getting older does NOT mean your body has to fall apart.  Yes, for most people, there will be some inevitable wear and tear.  But if you eat sensibly and are engaged in a thoughtful and well designed training program, you can do more than even just retaining your hotness.  There’s even research to suggest resistance training can help reverse many properties of aging at the cellular level.  You can stave off the decline of both your strength and muscle, not to mention most importantly, you can help maintain your body’s ability to produce force quickly (aka power).  Some type of power training is a CRUCIAL component for preventing accidental falling, as power is one of the strength qualities that diminish most rapidly with age.

“But Mom, what if I fall in the snow on the way to school with Ralphie?”

Furthermore, as you all know by now, I’m a mobility nut, and if you don’t use it, you lose it.  If you sit all day at a desk and never move your body through a full range of motion, over time you lose the ability to do important every day tasks.  You don’t need to have the flexibility of a master yogi, but unless certain basic mobility needs are met, your body is going to have a hard time getting around even in our increasingly comfort crazed society. My greatest wish is for you to be able to poop in the great outdoors with reckless abandon.

I also love you enough that I’m passing on the many, many amazing images I found to give you a visual for the last sentence.  Instead … here’s a picture of a puppy.

“Will you have the movement quality to defend me in the event of a robot apocalypse?

Robots that crave man-flesh scare me. And make me sleeeeeepy…”


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