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Ninja Challenge: Gratitude

by Michael Keeler, Business Wizard, Life & Business Coach

Attention Ninjas of the world!

Ready for a challenge? 

For many of you, learning is about doing. You are most engaged when you are trying something new and taking a hands-on approach to learning. We totally get it!

To celebrate the power of TAKING ACTION, the MFF Team will periodically challenge you to do something bold – maybe even ridiculous. Don’t get nervous though – no Ninjas will be harmed in the pursuit of glory.

The inspiration for today’s Ninja Challenge is gratitude.

Grat·i·tude  noun  ˈgra-tə-ˌtüd, -ˌtyüd  : state of being grateful : thankfulness

You have so much to be thankful for my friend — the people in your life, nature (sunshine is the shit!), and your incredible body that lets you experience breath and emotion (…and sex! Well, sometimes). Taking a moment to acknowledge all of life’s awesomeness and embrace the abundance around us can be completely thrilling. Positive energy attracts positive energy. So, if you want more of that abundance, you gotta put it back out there in the world, my Ninjas. Here’s a first step to sharing your gratitude… 


Your challenge is simple. Pick one person in your life (or more) and write them a letter (no, not an email – a letter). In your letter tell them everything you love and appreciate about them.  Don’t hold back! 

Share with that person what you admire about them, how they have positively influenced your life, and what makes them so f*cking special. Celebrate your magical relationship with this person as flamboyantly as you can!

Now you have a choice. 

Send the letter or don’t send the letter?

Ninja, know thyself.  Want my vote? Send the damn letter! Sure, you get plenty of positive effects from just writing it – that’s awesome – but the effect of actually sending the letter is 100 bazillion times greater!

Think about it. It’s like a dance party. You writing this letter is like you dancing alone in your room – it’s cool, but kinda sad. When you send this letter to your special person, you suddenly have a two-person dance party. Now you can tango, and salsa, and do awesome partnering lifts. Then your friend is gonna be so jazzed about dancing with you that they start to spread the magic by dancing with someone else. Before you know it, you’re shirtless, doing ecstasy, at an all night dance party in Ibiza with three thousand beautiful, sexy, gratitude-filled people – loving life and living dreams. All because you decided to write a letter. 

Go do it.  

I’m grateful for YOU,



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