Ninja Challenge: Act. Rinse. Repeat.

Hello Beautiful People!

Today’s Ninja Challenge is designed to get you off the sidelines and onto the field, to start playing the game of your life FULL OUT. Sounds like fun, right? Well it is!

It’s about action – consistent, goal-oriented action. I promise that when you complete this challenge you will empowered to continue taking bold action in your life. When that happens anything is possible — You’ll be boned up and ready to go!

This Ninja Challenge is for you if…

You have something in your life that you want to spend time on, but don’t.

You have an area of your life that deserves attention, but doesn’t get it.

You have an action you’d like to take on a regular basis, but haven’t.

If any of those describe you – you’re in the right place my friend – keep reading….

One of the most common conversations I hear around the Ninja Clubhouse and with my coaching clients is that people want to do something, but they don’t. They get caught in a conversation about why they aren’t acting toward that goal, as opposed to talking about how they are going to take action to achieve it. The conversation that plays on a loop in their heads and out loud with other people is a conversation about the “why nots” – all the reasons and obstacles that keep us from taking the action we want to take. Sounding familiar yet?

Let me give an example.

Going to the gym (for Ninjas, this is the equivalent of your beloved Ninja Clubhouse) is often the #1 example of  “that thing I want to do, but don’t”. The conversations we hear about going to the gym usually sounds like this:

“I would go more if I could just find the time.”

“I want to go, but I get stuck at work.”

“I could go more, but I hate carrying my gym cloths around all day.”

“I’ll go more when it’s warm outside.”

Before you freak out, I will admit that there are SOME (very few) circumstances that can actually get in your way of taking action. However, I’ll submit to you that if you REALLY want something—there are NO insurmountable circumstances. (TWEET THAT SHIT!) In short, there is NOTHING you can’t do when you decide to take action. In case you haven’t been told before you’re a mother f*cking SUPERHERO!

What would happen if you chose to ignore those obstacles and barriers?  What if you chose to change the conversation from talking about why you can’t or don’t do something to a conversation about taking action? (TWEET THAT SHIT!) No excuses, no reasons why not, just action. How would that change your life?

Let’s find out, shall we?!

Your Ninja Challenge: Make it Stick!

You’re Ninja Challenge today comes in two parts. First you will select an action you’ve been wanting to take, but haven’t – stop talking about it, and just do it. Boom! Sounds pretty simple, right?

The second part is where the magic happens. Once you’ve taken action the first time, you’re going to make that action a HABIT. I’m going to give you some simple tricks to keep that momentum going and STAY IN ACTION for life! No more cheering from the sidelines for you – now you’re in it to win it gurl!

First things first, let’s chat about habits. It’s a sticky word that folks get all uptight about. There is a mountain of books on the topic of habits that all agree that a habit is a behavior pattern that has become almost involuntary. Notice a few key words in that sentence – “a behavior pattern that has become almost involuntary.” That means that habits don’t start as habits, they start as conscious actions, and then become habits. And they don’t ever really become 100% automatic; your brain has to work a little. This is great news because it means we can make habits whenever we want! Any action we take can become as automatic as brushing your teeth in the morning (Well, it’s automatic for most of us hope. If not, go brush your damn teeth!).

Let’s get started. Boned up, ready to go!

Act, Rinse, Repeat.

Step 1 – Pick ONE THING you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t. Actions such as: drink more water, meditate every day, spend time with my best friend, go to the gym, take a walk at lunch. Anything you have honestly been wanting but haven’t done. Got it?

Step 2 – Define your first tiny action step. Start small. If you had to pick an action step that got you 1% closer to your goal, what would it be? For example, if you want to drink more water it might mean your first action step is to drink one glass when you first wake up. If you want to spend more time with your bestie, maybe it starts with an email. Start small, then you can add incrementally over time.

Step 3 – Connect your new action to an anchor. In other words, tie your new action to something you already do on a regular basis.  Want to go to the gym more? Tie it to your commute to/from work. Want to drink more water? Do it when you wake up or before brushing your teeth. Connecting your new action to stuff you already do creates a cue for you, a built-in reminder. This is key to turning an action into a habit – it has to replicable. Don’t skip this step!

Step 4 – Reward yourself. Celebrate taking your new action Every. Single. Time.  This doesn’t mean that you have to throw a keg party every time you drink a glass of water, but you MUST acknowledge your great work; a simple moment to congratulate yourself for a job well done, a quick Facebook post to share you accomplishment, anything that reinforces positive action taken toward your goal. And feel free to REALLY celebrate when you reach key milestones. That first month when you get to see your best friend for coffee once a week – celebrate! Buy yourself a book! Go get a mani-pedi! Download some new porn (do people actually download porn?). Whatever you love, do it! You’re taking powerful action in your life and that deserves to be rewarded!

What next?

Rinse and repeat. Start taking action, no mater how small your first step. Connect each new action to something you already do to increase your ability to make it stick. Reward yourself for being so damn awesome!

That’s it! Now go get started!

Got questions? Need some support?

Tell me how your new action is going in the comments below or email me directly at

Seize the day my friend!


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