NEW Memberships

Everything you need to know about Our New Membership Options

Hi Ninjas,

We wanted to let you know of some important changes coming to MFF memberships in the months ahead.

First off, like all businesses, we need to periodically increase our rates to reflect the increased costs of doing business and #inflation. 

For all current members, adjusted pricing will begin as early as April 15th and no later than May 30th. These changes will happen at the end of your current term OR in the last billing cycle of May for your current agreement, whichever comes first.

If your current membership expires between April 15th and May 30th, we’ll be reaching out to confirm the best new membership option a week or two in advance of your current membership ending.

If your current membership expires June 1st or later,  your current membership’s final billing period will run on your last payment date in May. You will then have the chance to transfer to the new membership of their choice.



As teased above, we’re also making changes to our membership options based on Ninja feedback to give you more flexibility:

  • Billing will now happen every 4 weeks, not every 2 weeks – We know the bi-weekly billing period led to some confusion, particularly as it relates to how long you have to use your credits. So we’re happy to announce…
  • Credits now last for 4 weeks, not 2 weeks – You will now have more flexibility to use your credits. For example, instead of having 2 weeks to use 4 credits, you will now have 4 weeks to use 8 credits.
  • We’re bringing back bundles for those who want to do Classes AND SGPTs – By popular demand, we’re thrilled to bring back “Bundle” memberships for those who want to regularly take both Classes and Small Group Personal Training sessions.
  • We now have lower commitment, more flexible options – In order to make MFF more accessible to those with challenging or uncertain schedules, we’re sunsetting our 12-Week memberships and will now offer both Cancel-at-Anytime memberships and non-member Packs.

Because we’re restructuring and streamlining our membership options, not all of our current memberships will have an exact match with our new options. But particularly with our new Cancel-at-Anytime and Packs, we’re confident there’s still enough options for you to find the membership that makes most sense for your situation.



To review your new options, click on the links below:


1) If you’re ready to change over to your new membership now, click the link below.

AND, if you switch to your new membership before April 15th, as a thank you for making the move before the end of your agreement, you can choose from any of the three following “thank you” bonuses:

  • 3 Complimentary SGPTs
  • 5 Complimentary In-Person or Homebody Group Classes, or
  • 1 Month of Homebody Priority Booking

PLUS, if you upgrade to a 1 Year membership or restart your current 1 Year agreement, we’ll take half off your first 4-week membership payment.

2) Not ready to give up your current membership? 

Also cool! You’re welcome to keep your current membership until your current term runs out or until your last billing cycle in May, whichever comes first. At that time, our Membership Team will be in touch to find out the best plan for you going forward.

3) Kinda torn and not sure what to do? 

Totally get it. We can help! Schedule a chat with someone on our team to discuss.

And of course, if you have questions of any kind, you can always hit us up at

Thank you for your continued support as we move forward to a Post-Pandy Life!



Mark + Team MFF