Meet the Meat: Jen Frankel

It’s time for what’s become a very regular installment here in on the MFF blog: an interview with a new team member!  Ladies and gentleman, it’s my honor and pleasure to introduce our newest trainer/coach/sherpa of health and hotness, Jennifer Frankel!

I’m so excited to have Jen join in all the crazy Clubhouse antics.  Not only is she funny as fuck, but her extensive experience in both the fitness industry and a billion Broadway shows make her an ideal fit for our unicornish culture.  Read on as I ask her some questions so we can all work on our friendships!


MF:  Jen!  Hullo!  Could you tell our readers a bit about your Broadwayish and fitness-y background?

JF:   I was born & raised in NYC to a Broadway dancer mom and a cop dad.  My brother and I mark generation five in the performing biz (fun fact: he’s in the Blue Man Group down on Astor Place).  I started my career as a ballet dancer but decided buns and pointe shoes really, really hurt so I started doing theater.  I became a Rockette and then moved on to doing Broadway shows, having performed in many over the last 25 years.  Always a gym rat, I preferred it to dance classes to keep me in shape.

Jen won the coveted Gypsy Robe for having been in the most Broadway shows in a given cast.  Also, she has defeated Kristin Chenoweth in a cage match.*

When all those years of dancing started taking their toll on me, I turned to functional movement training to alleviate my pain and reduce further injury.  I also discovered I was suddenly in the best shape of my life.  I wanted to share my personal success with others, and it was then that my career in the fitness field was born.  I have been a professional fitness instructor for nearly 15 years now and love it more every day.  I love helping people discover their own fitness journey while being a positive motivating influence.

MF: Since you’ve worked with a lot of folks in many fitness situations (dance, barre and cycling classes, personal training, ultimate death matches), what do you see as the most common mistakes people make in their pursuit of health and hotness?

Jen (Miss Frankel if ya nasty) enjoying nature’s splendor.

JF:  The most common mistake I’ve seen as a fitness instructor is the belief that you need to work yourself ‘till you drop in order to have an effective workout.  Most folks need to work smarter not harder. To the opposite end, I see people falling victim to fitness fads promising unrealistic results: Ripped abs in 3 minutes!  Total body toning while you drive to work!  Eat anything you want as long as you sprinkle this powder on it first!!  Bottom line: If it doesn’t sound right, it isn’t.

MF:  Amen sister.  Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers to get them hopped up with excitement for JF Time at MFF?

JF:  I’d love to let people know that I’m super excited to be here (of course) but also that I excel in motivating folks to stick with their fitness dreams.  If someone is a commit-nessphobe (my word for fear of committing to a fitness program) or is just nervous about getting started I will be their own personal cheerleader.  You go gurl.


There you have it folks!  Jennifer Frankel is an outstanding American, she knows her shit, and she will make you pee your pants but not a lot just a little bit the way you like when you laugh too much yes you do like it don’t pretend that you don’t like it I know you too well dear reader.

Be sure to check out her classes and semi-private training sessions in February!!

* Cage match may or may not but definitely did occur in a dream.


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