Meet the Meat: Amanda Ting

The MFF Family has birthed another glistening, glorious unicorn into our midst. Long-time Ninja and brand-spanking-new trainer, let’s welcome Amanda Ting to the family with 8-10 hours of vigorous twerking!


Amanda Ting


Raleigh, NC

What will you be doing at MFF?

Spreading FIERCENESS and THE GIFT OF TWERK through classes and semi-privates!!!

Fitness Background

I grew up in the dancing, studying all different styles and attending multiple competitions and conventions (read: DANCE MOMS).   I went on to dance at NC State, while studying Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Genetics.  After graduating, I started teaching jazz and hip-hop at my dance studio in Raleigh as well as coaching dancers for high school, college and professional dance team auditions.  I loved inspiring my dancers to push themselves to their limits and try new skills, while having fun and being fierce, hunny!

While studying for my Doctorate of Physical Therapy at GW, I found that I could combine my love of academics and my passion for dance and began to focus on becoming a specialist in Dance Medicine.  After moving to NYC to pursue my career goal of treating performers full-time, I became a MFF Ninja which refreshed my interest in weight-lifting and fitness, something that I was naturally good at but never explored.  I’m currently studying for my CSCS, an aspiration I’ve had since receiving my DPT, and hope to continue with a kettlebell certification in 2016.

I pride myself on the fact that I’m willing to try anything at least once (A-YOOOOOO!), especially when it comes to movement.  I’ve done everything from running marathons to hot yoga to Beyonce dance class and all the in-betweens.  I love trying new things and testing what my body can accomplish.

What drew you to MFF’s style of crazytown?

SERIOUSLY, DESTINY.  Through my work as a physical therapist to the Broadway Gypsy, I kept hearing about Snatched, a Clubhouse and this Mark Fisher character in the Summer of 2012.  I checked out the website, saw the before and after pics, and immediately signed up for Snatched (AFTER DARK!) in October 2012 – I’ve been hooked ever since.

I love that every Ninja brings something different to MFF and somehow it all fits together beautifully.  I love that the atmosphere in the Clubhouse can change my mood almost instantly.  I love that everyone empowers me to be a better Ting.

What are you most excited about now that you’re living dreams in the Clubhouse?

I’m most excited to give energy and love to a community that has given so much to me in the past year.  Also, I want to make fitness feel accessible to all, for everyone to feel like a fucking rockstar/superhero/athlete/ninja combo!

Oh, and the death drops!  And the TWERK dance parties!  Get ready for some themed playlists – ‘YONCE YA’LL ON THIS MOUTH LIKE LIQUOR.

What’s one fun fact we’d never guess about you?

First things first, I’m half-Chinese, half-Caucasian.  I get asked about my “heritage” on a daily basis – oh, NYC!!!

Another little known fact:  I auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance Season 4 in DC!  Obviously didn’t come close to making the show, but I had a 5 nanosecond clip on the audition episode.  Anddddddd I totally blacked-out during the improv part – I have no idea what I did!


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