Loftiss Says “Better Fashion = Better Passion”

Alright friends, get ready for a serving of Loftiss Love.  While pursuing a life of health and hotness, (or “living the dream” as they say), one should dress the part.  Enjoy some do’s and don’t’s from everyone’s favorite fashionista/ host/ dancer/ Wonder Woman Emily Loftiss!

I think it’s important to incorparate good fashion sense when you workout. I know I personally work up a better sweat and put more into the gym when I’ve thought about what I put on for the gym. If you wear big baggy shirts/pants you’re going to feel like a fatass….simple as that. If you put on something form fitting that looks incredible on you, your going to be inspired to work hard and keep moving to that magical goal you’ve made to look like the best possible you, after all there are mirrors all over the gym for a reason. So here are some tips I’m going to share with you to ensure you look fab while your sweating your face off and cursing out ______(insert trainer’s name here).


I feel like you can almost make anything in the gym work IF you are honest with yourself about size. So you want to rock some booty shorts. WORK! I SUPPORT YOU! Just make sure they aren’t so short I can see your buttocks. Nothing I dislike more than seeing some girl running on the treadmill and I’m scared I’m going to see her insides (Mark’s Note: YIKES). If you think it’s too tight I assure you…they are. Go up to the next size. We all thank you.

Not everyone can rock a spandex bodysuit. BUT you can wear articles of clothing that are spandex. Have fun mixing and matching your wardrobe materials. Try some yoga pants from Nike, Lululemon or let’s be honest Target.


This magical material, dri fit,  keeps you cool while working hard to keep you dry. FOR MEN THIS IS A NO BRAINER!!!!! You can get everything from socks, shorts and shirts. You have tons of brands to choose from: Nike, Under Armor, Rebook, Patagonia, O’Neill, Lululemon to Badger.


Listen if you have suberb breasts I applaud you but this is not the time or the place to have them on display. Please get a bra that fits you and will keep those puppies supported. If you want to have their own show that night out at the bars fine but at the gym you want them to be anchored to your body so you can actually run…who would have thought!!!!!!


When buying leggings please do this for me. In front of the mirror lean all the way over. If you can see your thong through your pants that means we can too. I know it’s fun to buy cheap things like 3 pairs of leggings for $7. But don’t wear those to the gym. You need thick material for you to do lunges and squats. Also preferably leggings that don’t ride down on your hips. I made the mistake of wearing some bright turquoise leggings to a session with my trainer to box and I could barely get through the hour because my hands were tied up in my boxing gloves and my pants were falling down. I learned my lesson that day!


People always suggest black to feel slim. I personally try not to wear black. That color makes me sad and depressed and makes me want to lay on the ground and talk about my feelings. I really suggest Microchromatic colors. If you wear a lime tank and a lime slim fit jacket the colors make you look trimmer.




(MEN)…I don’t want to see your armpits. Actually no one does. Trash Can. Now. (Mark’s Note: AGREED!!!)


5 FINGER TOE SHOES…Creep me out. I lose my focus, my balance and I feel like I am hallucinating  (Mark’s Note: I know these shoes are a fashion faux paux… but I like ‘em for optimal movement mechanics.  Maybe we can all compromise with some Nike Frees!)



SPANDEX SHORTS (MEN)… We are not at the Ballet. If you need a dance belt to work out you are in the wrong sport.

CLOTHES THAT CAN DOUBLE AS CLUB WEAR…You are not foolinganyone. You are obviously here to pick up a date. Save the $ you are spending at the gym and put it towards an online dating service. You are on on my elliptical and mama needs to do some cardio!!!!!

(Mark’s Note: Kim Kardashian can wear whatever the f#$k she wants.  

I also want to let her know I’d be happy to bump her up the queue on my

training wait list if she’s looking for a trainer. Aye Carrumba!!!

I can feel your judgement readers, but it only makes me stronger.


I hope you feel energized and ready to conquer your fitness goals. Remember you are already sweaty and feeling like death, at least you can look fabulous in your royal blue spandex tank! Now get out there and burn off those 2 margaritas you had!

Emily Loftiss is a Celebrity Fashion Editor and Image Consultant. Follow her blog on discussing everything from Fashion, Beauty Tips, Trends and Celebs.

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