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As one of the fastest growing “gyms” in the history of the fitness industry, Mark Fisher Fitness is always on the lookout for new talent for our training team. If you’ve toyed with the idea of running away and joining the circus, you may just be the ridiculous human we’re looking for!


While we prize fun and joy as an end unto itself, to be clear, the MFF is also some of the hardest working folks around.  Although we enjoy occasionally wearing underoos and capes at work, we are also a culture of hustlers.  We fully admit our work ethic and discipline is sickening, and it’s not for everyone!

We are inspired on a daily basis to create the best possible home for our Ninja Army and we seek to get 1% better everyday.  We are obsessed with working towards becoming our best selves, and we are obsessed with providing the best care of our beloved Ninjas and setting a new standard of service for the fitness industry.  We love each other, we love our Ninjas, and we fucking LOVE our work.

MFF prides itself on creating a happy, magical, mystical working environment.  (We think of it more as a playing-and-being-silly environment; working in an Enchanted Ninja Clubhouse of Glory and Dreams, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.)  We know we’re only as good as our team, so we invest heavily in both continuing education and personal development.

And as hard as we work, we’re passionate about our team having a life/ work balance!  We don’t think we can help the Ninjas unless we’re taking time to take care of ourselves.  If you’re part of our team, you are part of our family, and we want a full life for you that includes time for vacations and loved ones, and resting and recharging.

We’re looking for smart, hard working, and ridiculous humans who want a career with Mark Fisher Fitness.  Please note, if you need a day job, we think you’re rad, but this is NOT the gig for you!  We want passionate people who fucking BURN to be part of a revolution and create a positive and nurturing home for our Ninjas.  We are not a typical gym and this isn’t your typical “trainer” position; as a young company with big dreams, we want folks who can grow with us and collaborate in the birth of a mystical unicorn out of our collective bunghole.

If you think we could be a love match, check out two opportunities below to take the next step!

(Previous interviewees are welcomed to apply for the internship or for future positions)



This is perfect for folks seeking a career change or with less than 1 year of experience in the fitness industry.  You will learn the in’s and out’s of making people healthy and hot.  We will guide your education through required reading from the MFF library and national certifications, train you in the most progressive strategies in training and nutrition, and work our asses off to help you become the best fit pro possible.  At the end of the internship, you will have the opportunity to be considered for future positions at MFF and join the family!

Please note the MFF Internship requires a 6 month commitment and is designed to be done part time so as to allow interns to maintain employment elsewhere (gotta pay those billz, we get it).  For more details and to apply, fill out this form here ==> CLICK ME BITCHES!


If you’re working in a box gym and it’s eating your soul, or you’re struggling to run your own business, and you crave a family that will nurture you and allow you to do what you do best… look no further!

Our trainers don’t do sales quotas or work off commissions or any other salesy bullshit. You just be the fucking BEST trainer possible; be brilliant, be nurturing, and be RIDICULOUS.

Our team is driven as hell, so we often put in long days.  However, this is only because we are self motivated to spend so much time doing continuing education.  It is NOT because folks have to work from 530am to 830pm just to make ends meet.  We don’t schedule or ask you to work 15 hour days of training, because we don’t think you can do that and still blow people’s minds.  And if you’re on the MFF team… then providing the best possible session or class EVERY TIME is the only life you know.

Interested parties with at least 1-2 years of professional experience can email us a cover letter and resume at

If you KNOW in your heart the above sounds like you… we can’t fucking wait to meet you. So what are you waiting for?  Your family and the unicorns await…


Let’s get to know each other and see how we can help you!

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