In Defense of Food

by Ninja Master Mark Fisher

Alright y’all.  Can’t recommend this one enough.  So as you all know, my specialty is body recomposition (read: getting you to look smokin’ naked). And because of that, when making general recommendations for food, I tend to focus on the quantitative quality of foods; grams of protein, total calories, etc.  This book makes a wonderful companion because Pollan does a great job of explaining how Western society has gone so off course from a health prospective; we’ve lost sight of the QUALITATIVE elements of food. Basically processed pseudo food is not a great long term choice for health.  Not rocket science nor particularly surprising, but something about Pollan’s tone really gets the point across without the self righteousness of many in the anti- processed food crowd.

Again, I don’t believe in food discrimination.  If you want to eat a Twinkie once in a while (GROSS; not for health reasons, they’re just gross) go nuts.  But if you’re habitually consuming foods that come from the center of the grocery store and avoiding the perimeter…you may want to consider reading this book.

You can get it from here.


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