How To Dial It In For Halloween Hotness

So here we are, about four weeks out from Halloween!  And as we’ve all come to appreciate, Halloween is the time of year when it’s totally culturally acceptable to show an unseasonable amount of flesh.  Although it may also be associated with candy and sweets and nutritional choices that don’t serve our health and hotness, folks sure do like to flaunt their physique goodies to the world.

So with four weeks to go, you’re no doubt planning your Sexy Nurse or Sexy School Girl or Sexy Fireman or Sexy Postal Worker or Sexy Grocery Store Checkout Clerk or Sexy High School Cafeteria Worker costume.  But what if your body’s not quite ready to be exposed to the crisp fall air?  What if you’ve got about 5 lbs to lose before you’re at your ideal “semi-naked at the bar” weight?  Fear not… Top 5 lists are GREAT for this kind of thing.  BOOM.

Oh great.  A slutty lion baby costume.


Now I’ve seen it all.

(what do you mean you don’t see how this is obviously a slutty lion baby?)

Top 5 Ways to Get Ready For Your Halloween Hotness

1) Workout With Weights –  WHOA.  Bet you never saw that coming!!  As far as what you do, there are a ton of options; but since we’re doing this in a vacuum, I’ll tell you that the best fat loss results come from resistance training.  Weight train three times a week with full body workouts that focus on big compound movements (squats, pull-ups, lunges, pushups, etc.).

2) Get In Some Cardio – In all honesty… this isn’t my favorite.  I actually prefer people to eat right and do weight training.  However, we’re in a time crunch, and we really want to nail it these next few weeks.  While I prefer cardio to be done as circuits of relatively lighter-load weight training exercises (ala our “Snatched in 6 Weeks” classes), you can totally rock traditional cardio machines.  Since you’re already getting three weight training sessions a week, two to three cardio sessions will do you fine (and if you’re just starting to hit the gym hard, don’t go nuts and try to work out twice a day; it’s not a good tradeoff for your long term joint health!)  Just make sure you push it out and get that heart rate up!

3) Cut Out Processed Crap From Your Diet – While I could write a book about the specifics of nutritional victory for health and hotness (and have, as our clients know), this is usually a great way to get closer to your goals.  If it comes from the perimeter of the grocery store, sweet.  If it comes in a box or a bag or it has a bunch of unpronounceable ingredients… probably not your friend right now.  Don’t worry, the potato chips will still be there November 1st.

4) Focus On Protein – I know, I’m like a broken record, and I always harp on this.  Boring though it may be, consuming protein will have a number of beneficial effects on your health and hotness.  Since we’re keeping this simple, don’t worry about tracking stuff; just make sure you consume a nice size portion with every meal and snack.  This will keep you fuller longer and help make sure that the weight you’re losing is more fat than muscle.  Remember, we’re not looking to lose WEIGHT, we’re looking to lose FAT.

5) Sleep – Yep.  Sleep is one of the most underappreciated elements of health and hotness.  If you’re not getting solid sleep, your body can’t do its fat burning thang (that’s right, I said thang).  If you have sleep problems, get help and figure out how to improve your sleep quality.  But if you’re like most folks, and you’re prioritizing refreshing your Twitter and Facebook over lying down an hour earlier… then I guess you don’t really want to be the hottest Sexy Nurse you can be, do you?

There you have it kids.  Simple but effective.  If you follow the above time-tested strategies you will no doubt have a Halloween full of incriminating Facebook pictures.

Best of luck, and don’t forget: your friends have cameras and they’re real dicks. (“I can’t believe I let the busboy do body shots off of me!  And what am I doing with this camel?!?  OH MY GOD!!!  OH MY GOD!!  UNTAG!!  UNTAG!!”)


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