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❤️ Heart & Swole 💪🏼

Everything you need to know about MFF’s newest class that uses MyZone wearable heart-rate monitor technology.

💪 What is Heart & Swole?


Get your ticker thumping and your body jumping in this heart-rate training class. You’ll get real-time feedback as you strive for certain heart-rate zones. A combination of cardio and strength, this fast-paced class will give you a sweaty good time! Here’s how it’s structured:

Like every class at MFF, we’ll prepare our minds and bodies for the workout with a name game and then a warm-up that focuses on getting hips and shoulders mobile, core stability to keep the lower back safe, and getting us a bit hot and sweaty.

After that, we’ll have an Equalizer period during which we get our heart-rates elevated enough that we can start class right at the appropriate intensity. Then we’ll go through four different rounds of class, and each round includes three different sections:

  • The Swole section includes 3 different exercises done for 60 seconds each. The focus here is strength endurance, with the goal being quality reps. As individual muscles start to fill up with blood as they fatigue, you might feel the “pump” of blood or the “burn” of lactate building up in your muscles.  Hell yeah!
  • The Heart section alternates 2 different exercises for 30 seconds each, and the goal is to let that heart pump blood throughout your body as much as possible. Your heart rate will climb a little bit higher during the 2 minutes we spend on this section.
  • The Core section includes two different core exercises or active rest, and this is a way to check back in with the work we want our abdominals and obliques to do during a workout: Stabilize your body! We’ll end the section with 30 seconds of rest as we reset and move on to the next round.

For more info on the creation of Heart and Swole, read Harold’s blog post, “What the Hell is Heart and Swole?”


❤️ How to get your myzone heart-rate Monitor

Heart and Swole utilizes wearable MyZone chest strap heart-rate monitors to provide real-time data about your fitness experience. There are 3 options for getting a MyZone for this class:

Bring your Own
– FREE! –

If you already own a MyZone MZ-3 heart-rate monitor from Snatched: Project X, you can use it for this class!

Buy one from us
– $48 –

If you do not already own one, we recommend purchasing your own MyZone MZ-1 heart-rate monitor from the front desk. Chest strap included with purchase. Please arrive 10 minutes before class to complete set-up.

Borrow A Monitor
– $15 for chest strap –

This option lets you borrow a pre-programmed MyZone MZ-1 heart-rate monitor for class by leaving a driver’s license or credit card. This requires a one-time purchase of $15 to buy your own re-useable chest strap.

⚙️ setting up your myzone heart-rate Monitor

If you’re setting up your brand-new MyZone MZ-1 heart-rate monitor for the first time, follow the steps below and be sure to arrive about 10 minutes before class to complete the necessary steps.

If you’re using your own MyZone heart-rate monitor or borrowing one of our pre-programmed units, jump to Step #4.

1. Download the MyZone App from the App Store, Google Play Store, or the MyZone Website

2. Register Your Belt

3. Answer all required ‘Facility’ and ‘Personal’ information (including Nickname!)

•  Facility Code: MFFUS001

•  Belt Number: 7-digit code located on the back of your black MyZone module

•  Monthly Target (via phone app) or Set 30 Day Goal (via website) relate to the amount of MEPS (MyZone Effort Points). For our purposes, there is no need to enter information/alter to a certain ‘level.’

4. Wear your belt: Position the belt so that the center piece is directly below your chest, on top of your sternum. You may need to lightly wet the back of the strap that touches your sternum to activate the transmitter.



5. Enable Bluetooth on your phone. Your belt should beep 3 times.

For additional info on setting up your MyZone, click here. If you need help troubleshooting issues with your MyZone, click here.

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